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    role switch rp / househusband rp

    I had an idea floating around my head of an rp set in a world where due to world events the "roles" if we want to call them that, that men and women usually did became switched. I as thinking a long conflict war keeping the men funneled into the war effort for many decades making the women...
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    Worst Rp Experience you had?

    had a coupe experiences lately that strangely enough ended before they even started. examples being i post stuff on here, get responses, direct people to my discord. i talk a bit more with them and explain the time zone difference and theyre all ok with it, supposedly. one said they had a...
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    Worst Rp Experience you had?

    i dont know if its my WORST experience but a recent experience i had was that the person i rp'd with knew what my character was like and multiple times he insulted my characters personality both in the rp through posts and outside of it. if he didnt like my characters personality he couldve told...
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    Worst Rp Experience you had?

    if its been half a year or more and their online thing hasnt lit up once then it sounds like there might be more than just ghosting you. of course i wouldnt know that specifically but unless theyve blocked you or something it would be quite a task to stay invisible (since you can do that on...
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