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    Which side of the smash spectrum do you fall under? (See picture)

    Middle... Cause I Kirby-kazi :D Suck 'em in and walk off a ledge, hehe. Though an earlier argument makes me wanna see a Street Fighter VS Smash Bros game O.o Since Capcom so loves their cross-overs.
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    Gaming letdowns (that actually seemed promissing)

    Freelancer. Amazing game-in-work turned into a rush job with a sloppy storyline and a lack of customizability that was originally gonna be in it, I believe... Still great fun in multi-player though, especially when wars are started, hehe. As someone else state earlier, all the sonic games after...
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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    I request an HL2: DM server, simply because I can't afford a comp that can run TF2 >.>;;; That, and it might get a couple friends to start using FA more too :D
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    The new banner is humorous and entertaining.

    Just a few things to say: I find the banner funny and fitting. Banner's up for only a day. Get over it. So what if there's a furry out there masturbating to this, there were probably just as many masturbating to the zombie banners for their gore. As before, get over it. They're fictional...
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    Characters needed! (closed! fo' realz this time!)

    RE: Characters needed! Wow, I'm a few hours too late... and I had something I coulda offered.
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    Still open, taking art request

    Pick one: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/63907/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/159140/ or http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v326/Klaymore/Request__Sasayaki_by_sa0ri_chan.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v326/Klaymore/758f89f7.jpg
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    Double post, I know, but I just want to let people know I have an example for how to do an anthro vael if anyone's interested... Up to whoever draws another as to whether it's digitigrade or plantigrade... http://www.furaffinity.net/view/783756/
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    No, not re-Questing, but anyway. I'd like to ask folks a favor... I have this type of critter I made up called a Vael, found in many different environments and conditions. As described on one of their pictures: "They're a lot like serpents, though their heads are shorter, females have an...
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    What kind of furry are you?

    Blue-furred catwolf hybrid... If you really care about the damned specifics, you'll just go ahead and check my art page. Nyah.
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    Next month's theme

    I agree with taurs, though if that's the case than I wouldn't really have much a chance of getting an entry in... I can barely even draw a proper anthro...
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    Furries and Dating.

    It's the priests I tell ya, they don't get any on their own so they impose their wants on us. o_o Joking, heh. Anyway, so far the last relationship I was in was with a non-furry. It was nice, didn't really have to explain much, it was as if she coulda blended into the fandom without anyone...
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    Horrible Pain *@#!*

    Torture, neh? If I wanna torture someone, I'd just do my Stitch impression... It scares people, and has already come close to driving someone insane. Doesn't help that I do the laugh as well.
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    Unusual Question...

    Always depends on the character, in my opinion. Like if I'm drawing Janus or Muse, it's plantigrade. If Sasayaki or the newest version of Ruben (the old one's a crap recolor), then digitigrade.
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    Can't get into FA anymore O.o

    Ah, thank you very much... Just wanted to know it wasn't something horribly wrong on my end (as it has been twice before >.>;; )
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    Can't get into FA anymore O.o

    Yeah, I'm surprised I can even get here to tell anyone... Anyway, I can't get to any part of the non-forum FA, I keep getting "Connection timed out" messages and the like, though I don't see why... it's been going on for a few days now. Any ideas as to why?
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    Anime/Cartoon furries to live in reality

    Here's a good example of serious reprocussions... That is, depending on how/why the real anthros come about.
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    How furry are you?

    Ah, my favorite oxymoron... If only cause I share that same view. And I shall spend this post avoiding the subject of the thread ^-^
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    Anime/Cartoon furries to live in reality

    No deficits here, just an overactive brain in someone with a minor case of ADD... Just as bad though, definitely. *is referring to self, has no clue about the other one*
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    Anime/Cartoon furries to live in reality

    I see someone's trying desperately to get the last word in.
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    Anime/Cartoon furries to live in reality

    They did say supergland, did they not? oft when something has super prefixed the item in mind is made up of multiple of the base. [end rambling]