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  1. Z

    Furries playing Minecraft?

    Anybody know of any Furry Minecraft Servers?
  2. Z

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    My name is Baxter Alexander Nimh, or Bax for short. I've always loved the name Baxter, and Alexander. And my last name, Nimh, was in reference to my favourite movie of all time, The Secret of NIMH.
  3. Z

    I am open for commissions! (under 10$!)

    im interested, add my skype: killerrockstarninja
  4. Z

    $5 Chibi commissions

    im interested, add me on skype: killerrockstarninja
  5. Z

    Brag about your fursona!

    I have milkshake running through my veins so I can cut myself and it'll bring all the boys to the yard.
  6. Z

    Free Drawing Request of your Fursona

    add my skype: killerrockstarninja
  7. Z

    Once lurker, now member

    Welcome!! I'm new as well.
  8. Z


    My name is Baxter Nimh, but you can call me Bax. I'm a Bunny, and I love music. I also need a ref :[