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    Big Stallion/Zebra looking for a longterm literate roleplay

    Howdy, the name’s (Name), one of Santa’s retired Reindeer. Ain’t that sumthin... Anywho, I ain’t actually a reindeer, fooled ya... but I did actually fly Santa’s sleigh, trust me. Santa’s operation was a massive Fleet of helicopters and planes that were called reindeer to keep up with...
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    Welcome to the salty spittoon! (literate smut roleplay enclosed)

    Hey folks! I’m just kinda desperately looking for a literate smut roleplay with anyone who’s willing to have fun and write well. (This has nothing to do with spongebob, by the way...) I’ve been roleplaying for close to 10 years now. It’s been a journey, and now I’m looking for someone who...
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    Beastly iterate rp anyone?? (NSFW)(Kinky)

    Hey folks!!! I'm a big guy of no particular persuasion... although I do enjoy playing as anything mean, rugged, or just plain wild. The rp I have in mind is pretty open for changes, but I enjoy anything Human x Fur or just regular old Fur x Fur. The plot will be smut focused, and based around a...
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    New here! I’m a big guy lookin’ for a literate/semi literate partner!!

    Heroes have been around for ages, and so from the ashes of the fallen men and women of justice... there rises a question. What does “good” really mean? ...The universe is only as good as the most vile being hiding out in the woodworks of space and time, and interplanetary leaders were quick...