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    Request for admins to stop locking out threads.

    Okay this is why this place turns into a dramafest, people get frustrated when admins lock out a thread a proper discussion was getting underway in. I've just had a thread locked out that I spent ten minutes constructing a reply to and it really really annoys everyone when that happens...
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    Why does the FA front page insta load most of the time, when navigating away from it creates a huuge ass delay? Is there some kind of pre-cacheing going on or priority control?
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    EXPLOIT! EXPLOIT! Get your exploit here!

    What? You didnt think I'm going to actually say it out loud this time did you? Caused enough of a fracas last time! Dragoneer when you get back online will you pm me and I'll show you where the gaping hole is this time... Seriously, your 'beta testing' team needs to be put against a wall...
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    Can we have a look at the server?

    Purely out of interests sake, is there any chance of getting some nosey photos of the server? It's always interesting to see what you're interacting with. Besides server hardware is just cool anyways.