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    This one time at band camp.

    There was
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    I have a new Rifle!

    I have a new Rifle!, we first met each other in 2009 but it had to be moved to another Gunshop. BUT THEN it moved back to this Gunshop and this is now my Rifle, its name is SandyMcSweeperKiller, and it is very nice. he has a Hicap magazines too. black and chrome springs and chrome lined...
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    Hypothetical read. (long) What would you do? [Aimed at Americans]

    Years from now, different times, different president, different (calmer) political climate. There are numerous expanding and growing superpowers in the world. The economy has recovered, but there are trade war with said global powers. (mostly commodoties) Energy isn't sparce, but prices can...
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    So out of all of you, how many are actually firearm owners?

    There's got to be a few outside a couple gun enthusiast furries who are also in the U.S. Armed forces. Post links to your booms sticks as well. I'd like to see your flavors. Note: this isn't a debate thread.
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    Hey folks.

    Just started really paying attention to this forum. So sup? I'm that guy with the hair. and the shirt and things.
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    I'm new to the Forum. whats up guys?