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  1. Troj

    Furries on a plane!

    Lots of Colofurs in that photo! Yay!
  2. Troj

    Having severe autism

    Functioning labels can indeed be vague and misleading, but we do need some kind of system for denoting the kind of support people need, which is what the new DSM 5 has attempted to do. I've often wondered if what we generally diagnose as or call "autism" might not actually be multiple diagnoses...
  3. Troj

    Reasons for tits on an avian

    Duck tits! A-woo-oo!
  4. Troj

    Netflix 'Sexy Beasts': A furry dating show?

    This continues to be a solid show to have on in the background while multi-tasking or getting ready for bed. I actually liked a small handful of the contestants as people this time around---the sasquatch and tigress were particularly cute together, and seemed like people I might actually get...
  5. Troj

    Was Walt Disney a furry and was Mickey Mouse his Fursona?

    My hot take is that many of the furry-made fursuits of Disney characters are better than the official suits---with the exception of the official Stitch suit, which is adorable.
  6. Troj

    Was Walt Disney a furry and was Mickey Mouse his Fursona?

    Was Walt Disney a furry, and was Mickey Mouse his fursona? Basically, yes, and basically, yes. I'd also say Mel Blanc and Chuck Jones were technically furries, too. Oh, and that fascinating photo is unfortunately not authentic, but the origin of the photo is unknown...
  7. Troj

    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    Absolutely. I think we need to take animal abuse and neglect much, much more seriously than we do---for the sake of the animals themselves, and because people who intentionally torture animals have a tendency to graduate to harming people.
  8. Troj

    Instant Unfaves

    That seems to be the ethos of Instagram, I've noticed. LOOK AT MEEEEEE LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE.
  9. Troj

    Why am I so consumed with hatred?

    Ahh, thank you for clarifying! That makes a ton of sense. In these cases, I would say that our best reaction may be to become the change we wish to see in the world---that is, to create the stories we would like to read, hear, or watch; make parodies of these cliched stories in order to...
  10. Troj

    Why am I so consumed with hatred?

    I think we all have our pet peeves! First, I find it helps to have people I can vent with. Second, I also find it helps to recognize that the only thing you can really control in your life is yourself, and to take an inventory from there of the variables you can reasonably influence or control...
  11. Troj

    What is the single most horrifying piece of writing you've read on this site, and why?

    I'm going to out myself as a snob and admit that most furry writing is not up to my standards, so I lightly skim or browse it at most, focus on what I'm into, and avoid anything that looks like it'll squick me out to no good end.
  12. Troj

    Upset by negative species stereotypes

    One thing I've never liked about Redwall and fiction like it is that some species are Good and others are Bad, and some of my favorite species are among the "Bad" ones. Rats get an especially bad rap, when they're awesome. Also, I've been curious about what that creature was in The Suicide...
  13. Troj

    [POLL]Has the fandom changed in worse or in better over the years?

    I voted "Better" because I think we're mostly getting better at setting boundaries, calling out bad behavior (albeit with some false positives and false negatives in the mix), and doing PR. But, social media has been a blessing and a curse for sure, and I'm saddened by the more recent political...
  14. Troj

    What is the most expensive thing, that you want to get someday?

    I'd like to design my own house and have it built; there are many, many far-away lands to which I'd love to travel someday; and there are some furry artists who are on the pricier side whom I'd like to commission.
  15. Troj

    How long are you willing to wait for a commission to be done?

    I've waited about six months for a piece to be completed. I usually wait a month or so before reaching out to bug an artist who's been quiet. All I ask is that the artist keep me in the loop so I can trust that they haven't died or run off with my money.
  16. Troj

    Driving Tips for someone with severe ADHD and Anxiety?

    I agree with Marius! Make sure you have a spare tire, an emergency kit, change, extra warm clothes, food, and other necessities in the car so you don't have to worry. I also fill 'er up when I'm at or below half a tank. Knowing how to change the tire and do basic checks and minor repairs and...
  17. Troj

    Driving Tips for someone with severe ADHD and Anxiety?

    Practice, practice, practice. Practice helps to relieve anxiety, and develop automatic habits. I found it helpful to take a defensive driving course that actually taught me how to handle various scenarios.
  18. Troj

    Being furry and introvert

    Introversion and extroversion are essentially about where you get your energy from, and what drains that energy. Introverts get their most nourishing energy from their inner world of emotions and ideas, and can become quickly over-stimulated and tired out by external stimuli. Extroverts, in...
  19. Troj

    Free Art: (Closed, 5/5) Please help me practice: NSFW edition

    No problem! I was slow on the draw! :)
  20. Troj

    Free Art: (Closed, 5/5) Please help me practice: NSFW edition

    I'm a dinosaur! My overall gallery is here: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/troj/folder/901731/Troj-All-Art-and-Fursuit-Photos I am fine with being depicted as male or female. Some tasteful pin-up art of my dino might be nice, or you could do something in the same vein of themes already...