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  1. JamesOtters

    Reference Sheet

    So Ive been a furry for about a month now, and I still don't have a reference. There is a bio in my signature, and here are some images. I have some more images, but I don't have my laptop which has the images on it. I don't have any money, so yeah. Thank you!
  2. JamesOtters

    A New Life (Starting)

    I know this is kind of weird, but ask yourself this question: "What if you suddenly woke up in a forest, as your fursona's animal (Or any random animal, if you feel like it.)" I want to make an RP based off that question. I want this to be semi realistic, so at least do a bit of research. It'll...
  3. JamesOtters

    A Game to Lose Your Mind - Sonicifying yourself ;)

    Go to google, search your first name and The Hedgehog. Now display the first result. I want to die.... Edit: This one is okay. Bonus for being British. (I am British, and I love my kind...) Its okay I guess.
  4. JamesOtters

    So I Made A Soundcloud

    I'm experimenting with a bit of music making, using the Launch Pad App for IOS. I will upgrade to better software, once I am good. Please leave some feedback here or on my Soundcloud. It is greatly Appreciated. Please Enjoy (My One Bad Song XD): soundcloud.com: OtterWithHeadphones
  5. JamesOtters

    What would be your last meal?

    This is just for kicks. If you were to be executed, what will be your last meal? IDK what the heck mine would be. I could kill for some sushi for some reason. But IDK. LEL
  6. JamesOtters

    JamesOtters Role-play Join Thread (SFW)

    I just want to have fun. I have role-played before (On the website Pokecharms, it was a Pokemon Rp.). Please keep the RP Safe for work. Thank you. This is my fursona: docs.google.com: Otter Fursona I don't know a good plot so just comment below, I guess. Nothing better than a little RP...
  7. JamesOtters

    My Mostly Complete Fursona

    Species: Asian Small-Clawed Otter Name: James Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual (Not really willing to get into a proper relationship) Age: 18 Physical Description: 2”1’ Feet Tall 2.1 Pounds Anthropomorphized James’ tail is about one third of his length Brown Fur White Spot on his right eye His...
  8. JamesOtters

    Physical Description Of Your Fursona?

    I just want to see everyone's fursonas. How tall are they? What species? ETC. Just for fun! If you want, you can add more! Now I just want to learn more, so you can put other things Edit: I added some optional personality questions just for fun. Answer them if you wish, you don't have to answer...
  9. JamesOtters

    My New Fursona

    Hi, I'm new to Fur Affinity, and the Furry Fandom in general, and I just created my Fursona. I'm using the bio that you can find in the Sticky Fourm thingy. Anyways, here I go: Name: James Age: 17 Sex: Male Species: Asian Small-Clawed Otter Height: 2'1" Feet Weight: 2.3 Pounds Appearance: -...