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  1. Lucidic

    Show me your favorite OCs

    To simply put it, I need a bit of inspiration and I like to look at and learn about other people's characters and creations. Drop pictures of your favorite OCs and tell me a little about them.
  2. Lucidic

    Life Questions for the Older Furs

    I'm in a bit of a rut worrying about my future and all since it's about to be my last year in high school...but I'm overall just curious about everyone here and hope this isn't breaching too much into people's privacy. What were some of your aspirations or things you wanted to be in the past...
  3. Lucidic

    Kind of a reintroduction?

    I was here almost a year ago for about two, three months maybe. Even though I was really enjoying myself, I felt I was unprepared for some things, caved back into my shyness and stopped interacting with the fandom for a bit. Anyways, I've been longing to come back and have a complete start over...