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  1. CoonArt

    Any PS3 furries that I can add to my friendslist?

    Just got an old PS3 from a good friend but... I lost my old PS3 account with all my friends on it so I ask: who can I add (again?) on my PS3?
  2. CoonArt

    Main Site Upload example does weird...

    Nice such an upload example but it's getting annoying when it shows suddenly art that you already had been uploading (as an example when you pre-upload it.) Only purging the cache of your browser helps it one time but then it's starts all over again... (after uploading it shows the correct art...
  3. CoonArt

    No art whatsoever!

    Just looked at the FA frontpage and two things I have noticed, suddenly a flood of Captchas and... NO ART TO BE SEEN! Tried it also on Edge, same result. Chrome gives me also no art, just blue dots where the art should have been. What is going oooooooon..... (even my own profile is corrupt!)
  4. CoonArt

    Main Site Personal art download fuction?

    is it not a good idea to introduce a download function because if you start from Furaffinity, for example, that you always have a backup of all your photos and art? Because I have searched the options of the site but can't find one. So what do you think of this idea?
  5. CoonArt

    BIG drop in visitors...

    OH MY! It's going downhill with FA by the looks of it... :( WE NEED MORE VISITORS!
  6. CoonArt

    Just wondering...

    Is there anyone that notices when I'm uploading art into scraps, that I uploaded something? Or is the upload then completely invisible for others?
  7. CoonArt

    Bug/Site Problem: ERR_EMPTY RESPONSE... FA not working at all at my place...

    ...Only when I use a proxy server, it will load up FA and only when I use USA/UK proxies... Suddenly it won't work normally via the dutch proxy... Won't work normally on Chrome and on Firefox... Is there a prob with the server?
  8. CoonArt

    I got mail....

    ...From PandayGuy who is already a few months dead? But HOW..... (I marked out my mail adress) I'd rather not click on that link...
  9. CoonArt

    Bot on FA...

    Which is posting art... just look at it... each is posting the same pic over and over again, and with a random username!
  10. CoonArt

    Editing function for comments....

    ...When can we EDIT comments after posting? :mad:
  11. CoonArt

    Uploading takes... well... forever?

    I tried to upload some art (around 3 MB in size, both) and jeeeeeez, it really took AGES! I quitted the upload and resized them to kb size instead of MB. And guess what? I could move on with the stuff so they are now online... but way smaller in size than intended! But how come FA is so sluggish...
  12. CoonArt

    Extra stuff for your fursuit!

    Accesiories for your fursuit, what kinda stuff do you have? (like Greifer has welding goggles, for example). How do you make your fursuit less dull and boring. I'm just wondering about that.
  13. CoonArt

    Very straaaaange XBOX 360 Live connection

    OK, here's the deal in a nutshell. I have a laptop, a modem and an XBOX 360. Now, so now and then I yank my network cable (gently!) out of my laptop and put the network cable into the back of my laptop. Most of the time I just get online on XBOX LIVE... but not ALL of the time, because... most...
  14. CoonArt

    Anyfur plays Portal 2?

    Anyone here plays Portal 2? Well I do, and almost finished it! What a ride! Sooo....... which one of you furs are playing it too?
  15. CoonArt

    My new partial needs an outfit... help!

    I have a brandnew partial suit, only it needs some clothing to match... what would you recommend? I think something in grey and black! (hastily-made photo)
  16. CoonArt

    Internal server error - 500

    I try to upload a couple of photos but all the time I'll be getting this message: Internal server error 500... anyone has this too when uploading? (It uploads halfway and then: BAM! :()
  17. CoonArt

    'Furry' Music?

    I'm wondering: what does count as 'furry' music? I heard of it, but I do not know exactly what it is...
  18. CoonArt

    Mascots and furries @ cons...

    Not very hairy suits of suiters... are they allowed on conferences... I know fursuiters are, but mascots with suits that have no/little fur on them? I hope someone could answer this little question?
  19. CoonArt

    AP-Manager virus, be aware!

    I had this virus 2 days ago and I can tell you: it is no fun! When it's in your system, your taskbar will disappear, will donwload very nasty stuff and your background is replaced by another one. You will be 'presented' by fake popups of the RIAA and other companies that will tell you that you...
  20. CoonArt

    Are people scared of Furries?

    Yes, I hear that all the time: furries are strange, furries are weird... but I know already the answer: ofcourse not! But why? What have we done to THEM? We don't do anything wrong, right? Allright, we furries love to hop around in animal costumes and stuff, but we never do anything wrong...