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  1. FelposGreen

    Croatia --> Hrvatska, meet furries!!

    This shall be in my language becuase I wanna atract someone from my Country Hrvatski furry ( čupavci ), ako niste znali imamo meetove u ZG svaki vikend, ima nas od svuda, Istra, Zagreb, Čakovec, Varaždin (me), Osijek... pa slobodno se javi, raspon naših godina je od 16 do neznam ni sad kud...
  2. FelposGreen

    Art Raffle! (on tumblr)

    I have an art raffle, so follow this link and read the rules!!
  3. FelposGreen

    If anyone, maybe, could, just ... ?

    Can someone help me with drawing my sona, I am really bad when it comes to drawing something living, I drawn only dead nature, so anyone?? pls it doesn't need to be perfect and I'm 16 and don't have a credit card or anything... here is stuff you'll need if accepted colors don't have to be...