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  1. LimePie

    Critique: I need some others eyes

    Hi, I´m new at the art sceen in this fandom and I`m terrible at drawing but have started getting better now. This is my first year of drawing but I want your honest opinion. If it´s shit, say so. I´m asking for it. My plan is to color it as soon as I got my linework finnished. I just need to get...
  2. LimePie

    I´m bored and can´t sleep, anyone want to just chat

    Hi, I´m really bored and can´t sleep. Have no friends awake and have nothing to do. So as new to this fandom I just want to chat with someone or some people and hear about their view and what got them intrested. Eaither we can chat on here in the tread or on Discord ( sameclick#1130 ) anyone...