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  1. septango

    aviary attorney- an ace attorney style game with anthro characters -aka- BACK THIS

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1873107026/aviary-attorney http://kotaku.com/its-basically-phoenix-wright-ace-attorney-but-with-bi-1669089695?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter&utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium=Socialflow seriously though this game looks great
  2. septango

    my shtuff (arts and their ilk)

    I figured Im due for a critique, so heres a slew of drawings I gathered say whatever you want about them (preferably constructive criticism, but its cool too if you want to say they are the holy embodiment of the second coming of jeebus :V) ------------------------- (good lord I cant look at...
  3. septango

    doodles vs drawings

    what exactly constitutes a doodle, how about a drawing for that matter, where does one end and the other begin I often label most of the things I produce as doodle since I have no idea what the final product will be whan I start, BUT often times I spend hours on them anyway what do you think...
  4. septango

    things you just dont understand

    this is a thread for stuff that you just cant seem to wrap your head around Ill go first- the complex relationship the fandom has with nazis It seems there is a sizeable chunk of the fandom over on FA that seem to have an extreme obsession with em, even lapfox has a nazi inspired character...
  5. septango

    what are some of your quirks?

    we all have them so why not share them heres some of mine - I cant look anyone in the eye -I have conversations with myself -I often trip over words and spout nonsense -I hate when people watch me enjoy myself -I once smashed a plate becuse I hate people chewing with their mouth open...
  6. septango

    come play with us

  7. septango

    what is the best unscripted thing that has ever happened in any game you have played?

    what is the best unscripted thing that has ever happened in any game you have played? basicly anything that a dev didnt script into the game, cool npc interaction, exploits, fun occurances post em here
  8. septango

    anyone know a type of wire that wont break when bent and contorted all the time?

    Im working on a verry special fursuit and need to know if anyone knows a type of wire that wont break when bent and contorted all the time but will hold the shape its bent into
  9. septango

    things you want to learn

    what are some things you really want to learn? (dont just say art, we all want to be better at art. if you have some specific aspect of art go right ahead) for me, I want to learn sword swallowing or throwing cards
  10. septango

    cant tell if this simple coloring style is great or terrible

    ok, I like the pastels and the soft look of this style, but I dunno just seems off, what can I do to really sell it?
  11. septango

    toxoplasmosis in the furry fandom?

    so, I would like to first say A- no Im not trying to troll or offend B- I am far from an expert in this shit now that that is out of the way, this is a parisite that is most often carried by cats and as a survival mechinism it causes the host to be extemely drawn in by cats, cat odors, and cat...
  12. septango

    awsome fursuits

    okay theat other thread as funny as it is can be kinda depressing, so how about a palette cleanser post any awsome fursuits here ps. before you post "oh, all fusuit are satins attire" ect... dont, we already know you dont like fursuits
  13. septango

    animal funfacts/trivia

    becuse why the hell not, letsee, oh heres one for ya furries, mountin goats have the largest gay population of any animal on earth and, snakes with "king" in their names eat other snakes anywho, post animal trivia here
  14. septango

    what are the most creepy furry/anthro things you have ever seen?

    Im thinking about doing a more mature billy/mandy esque creepy short series when I get time and was looking for insparation so that brings me to why Im here, what are the creepyest anthro things you have ever seen? intentonal or otherwise
  15. septango

    this vid shmacks me in the tearholes every time

    god I cant type im just a cryin now its a music vid for a song called bronte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le34ygtODfI
  16. septango

    a few more questions

    I have a few more questions, so intead of posting multiple rapid fire thread like I usually do I'll condense em here first, what exactly is WRONG with stylised art? it seems like every tutorial/ piece of advice says "oooh boy, dont even THINK about the s-word" personally it seems like a decent...
  17. septango

    two things

    ok I have two questions for yall, I may ask more here too first, what is a good material for skin, like for around the eyes, I was going to use latex but if anyone else has a better idea post it and second, post the best digtigrade leg stilt tutorial you know of this isnt for a fursuit, well...
  18. septango

    live action videogames?

    I have been working on something and would like to find some refrences and insparation so does anyone know any games that have live action graphics or elements?
  19. septango


    yeah, I know i just posted a rant/cry for help but here's another one how long does it take you to do a peice, whats a decent amount of time compared to quality of work becuse it just seems like it takes waaay to long to create a digital drawing, expecialy with the shitty quality that I end up...
  20. septango

    shaky hands

    I have always had shaky hands, this has really kept me from being abel to do anything other than hard black lines traditionally and is now screwing up my ability to use a tablet, does anyone know any tips or exercises or anything to remedy this?