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  1. Kuzooma1

    Go General to Adult content?

    So I was think of moving to more adult pieces in order to try something new but I not sure if I should commit to it. To those how have gone through this question before could you tell me your experience when you when from general to adult art.
  2. Kuzooma1

    [SOLVED] Need Access To my Account On FA

    I realize that I have a long line ahead of me but I might as well take a seat and wait for my number. With that said, here the problem. I tried typing the email address I use for my primary address but the site says it dose not registered in it data bank, even my secondary email account and...
  3. Kuzooma1

    I Couldn't Get In!

    So here's the short version of my problem There's a RP group that I got invested in for weeks and they were looking for new members, so I said to myself "go and sign up." And so I did. I found the directions they set, I went over the application dozens of times and yet I got rejected with no...
  4. Kuzooma1

    Art trade

    It been a while since I done this but if anyone would anyone like to do an art trade with this character. Ty
  5. Kuzooma1

    Anime: Beast Saga

    So I found this anime while looking for something to watch while I work on projects and I came across this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYKsomsHGEg (I have no idea to embed videos from YouTube) I watched about several episodes in subbed so not far along in series, but I do like this...
  6. Kuzooma1

    Help with live streaming art

    I need some help figuring out how to do a live stream from my computer but I'm having trouble finding the program that will allow me to record my desktop. I tried to use Livestream.com to record but don't understand how to use new.Livestream.com or the original version. Could someone help out here?
  7. Kuzooma1

    Injustice for none/ PS3 Get Together

    I'm planning on playing Injustice on the PS3 this Sunday around 7:00Pm to 8:000Pm. I want to throw in some practice with Green Arrow so if anyone would like to join me in a lobby and play a few rounds then post your response here before 6PM. Update 5/19/2013 When I meant "post your response...
  8. Kuzooma1

    The luckest number outside of a fortune cookie

    Dose anyone have a number that they think that is lucky to them or just really like? My number is 21 because it is both a lucky and magic number. If you multiple 7, a number related to luck, with the number 3, a number related with magic, it comes out to 21 the combination of both luck and...
  9. Kuzooma1

    Persona 4 Arena: Who is the manliest of all man?!

    I have been playing Persona 4 Arena on my PS3 and I find myself liking the games fighting system a lot. Although, I think I would have more fun if I have more people to battle with that I know. That why I made this forum. This is forum for people who looking people look for new friendly...
  10. Kuzooma1

    Fantasy Travel

    If could go ANYWHERE of your hearts desire, either somewhere around the world, another planet, another place in time or another reality completely where who it be?
  11. Kuzooma1

    King Of Fighters XIII

    I’m going to be playing King of Fighters XIII later on tonight around 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST today so PM me if you want to play with me.
  12. Kuzooma1


    What do you think of yourselves right now? Do you think of yourself as a high and mighty person or small and inadequate person?
  13. Kuzooma1

    Art Trade#2 Electric Boogaloo: re-post

    I put this art trade in the wrong place so I am re-posting it here. This is the list OC I would like trade: My Fursona http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1513818/ Killer Rabbit http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1618015/ Mr Smiles The Kangaroo http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1793739/ Bam...
  14. Kuzooma1

    Art Trade#2 Electric Boogaloo

    It been a long time since I did art trade with someone and since I have some free time on my hands I can do another this week. This is the list OC I would like trade: My Fursona http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1513818/ Killer Rabbit http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1618015/ Mr Smiles The...
  15. Kuzooma1

    Open Request: Spring Time

    It been way too long since did a request list so I through why not open up with another theme request again. Since spring is already here let this one be about the great session of new begins. What do I mean by that you say? Your request must fit the quote that is given below. The quote is...
  16. Kuzooma1

    Interview Q&A that make you question the questions.

    Have you ever been an interview where the guy or gal asks you a weird question that was so off topic that it made you go “huh”?
  17. Kuzooma1

    Telling the Truth

    I am still having trouble talking to my parents about me being a furry. What do you guys think I should do?
  18. Kuzooma1

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review

    It been a while since Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was released in September 29th 2009 on the Nintendo DS. Now the next installment Kingdom Hearts Re:coded continues the tail of Disney’s battle with thoughts with dark hearts. Story starts off after the events of the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts 2...
  19. Kuzooma1

    Talk To Yourself

    Have you ever talk to yourself when no around? When talk to myself is mostly about things I would like to people but can’t because I too scared to say it to someone.
  20. Kuzooma1

    Leaving College

    What you do with your time after you graduate from college? Do you go to a other college or do you start a job search?