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  1. Marjoe

    Selling OC // Marjoe! - 30 Pieces of Art + Ref Sheet.

    Hello, all! I am selling my original character, Marjoe. Unfortunately, I am absolutely desperate for money, and times are extremely tough for me right now. It's a real shame that I have to give my OC up, but he needs a welcoming home! He comes with 30 pieces of art, including a full reference...
  2. Marjoe

    Searching for RP Partner - Can be NSFW.

    Accepted both requests! :D
  3. Marjoe

    Searching for RP Partner - Can be NSFW.

    Hello! My name is Marjoe and I'm currently looking for a rp partner. I've been roleplaying for awhile now, but I'm still an amateur. I'd love to roleplay about anything, any story. I'm really interested in trying NSFW. So if you're into that, I'd be very interested to mess around!~ (If you have...