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  1. Sammacha

    Adorable Halloween Icons - $10

    If anyone is looking for an adorable icon for Halloween or even for thanksgiving then you may like to have one of these They are $10 and for a limited time only. They will be ready before October To order please go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14515816/ To order please go here...
  2. Sammacha

    Beach Bod pics/Icons $25, 2 for $45 - Slightly NSFW

    Hey guys, So i am currently doing these for summer fun! Currently I have 2 types but there may be a few more in a few days, depends on the interest I get. These are open to all genders and all species, each will be cell shaded with a beach background and be given a nice texture be it fur...
  3. Sammacha

    Chibi YCH - Male, female, feral - kite flying

    Cute Chibi YCH auction Let's go fly a kite! All species, all genders including feral creatures Ends tomorrow Sat May 31 at 11:50pm PST Comes with a quality guarantee please see http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13599109/ for more details
  4. Sammacha

    adult content on a personal site.

    Hey guys, so I was wondering if anyone knew if there was anything you must do when posting adult work online. when I say must be done, I mean like a general type of law or something Quite obviously I would place a disclaimer that tells you the work is for people 18+ but I am wondering if...
  5. Sammacha

    Intous protective Sheets for the active area

    Hi, so my old tablet pen is starting to wear out, while i found I am still able to order some new nibs for it I was also thinking that maybe I would upgrade to a newer and possibly larger tablet. On that note, the new intous tablets don't come with a protective cover like the older models did...
  6. Sammacha

    Easter Booty $5

    Who doesn't like Easter booty? Easter booty icons are available for $5CAD until April 21st midnight PST any species, and gender, and colour. I'll put writing across it as well if you would like. If you would like one please pm me or e-mail me at samanthalim[at]sammacha.com to order one before...
  7. Sammacha

    Easter Chibi Auction starting $5

    Hey guys, I am having my first FA auction for Easter! To bid or find more info please click the link http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13071797/
  8. Sammacha

    Sam's wolrd of randomation (sketchbook)

    Hey guys, I thought maybe it would be fun to open a sketchbook thread here on FA. Since I see most people putting then in this part of the forum I am assuming that this is the correct place. So...I have tons of stuff from this month but I will just post some of the highlights to begin my more...
  9. Sammacha

    Sam is Open for Business!

    Hey guys, As the title says my doors are open. I draw various subjects from human to animals in both digital and traditional media. I am currently not drawing: Mechanical devices (ex:cars, robots, bikes), Hard core porn, hateful or illegal themed images. My terms of service can be found here...
  10. Sammacha

    Whats your medium? (Traditional artists)

    Hey guys, just out of curiosity what medium(s) do you like to use? I personally love graphite and coloured pencils. I love sketching its always been one of my strengths however I also love colour. Pencil is my favourite medium to work with. Other then that I often work with acrylic paints...
  11. Sammacha

    A new face to most but not all, HI!

    Hey guys, Just joined to see whats going on. I know a few people on here so thought I might swing by and check it out. If your wondering about me, well, Im an artist! At least thats what most people I know would tell you. Other then that I enjoy plenty of outdoor activities and one could even...