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  1. Nintendeered

    !~Commissions Open~! $5-$50 [2 Slots]

    If you would like to get a commission, simply respond to this post in a comment, send me a note, or contact me on telegram @Nintedeered Please read my T.O.S. before commissioning me! Sketches ~Uncolored $5 ~Colored $8 ~Extra Character +$3 Headshot/Icons (Comes with simple background) ~Flat...
  2. Nintendeered

    Bubbles Babyfur YCH

    I'm currently auctioning off a tiered YCH c: YCH Link: www.furaffinity.net: Bubbles! YCH by SugarPup SB for both gets a colored sketch If total bidding gets to $20 it will be lined and colored If total bidding gets to $30 the lines will be colored If total bidding gets to $40 it will be...