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  1. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Important Questions

    Has this fandom held a lot to y’all? Like having it basically save your life? I just wanna know so I don’t think it’s weird that it has for me.
  2. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Glue Gun Advice

    Hey y’all. For adding fur to the foam base, which kinda glue gun should I use? Right now I only have my high temp glue gun which basically is as hot as 450 degrees when it’s ready to use.
  3. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    LGBT+ Fursonas

    Hey guys, Are there fursona a that identify with the LGBT+ community? I’m just wondering because I have at least one that is, and I’m unsure what to do because I’m worried about someone being offended or that I’d be treated like a pariah. I want advice because I’m new to the whole LGBT+...
  4. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Multiple Fursonas

    Is it normal to have multiple fursonas? For years I had 2 fursonas, but now I suddenly have 4, and counting. How many furries have more than one fursona?
  5. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Update on Fursuit

    Hey Guys. I have finished the tails (I accidentally made two so my fursona now has twin tails,) the bottom of the handpaws are done, and I’m about to get the footpaws set up once I get my foam. I’ll have to do the head soon, especially the eyes and snoot.
  6. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Fur choice

    Hey guys. I chose a faux fur from Shannon fabrics and it sheds like an actual dog would. Is that normal to have a massive amount of shedding? I had that issue with craft fur, but this is my first time with using shag. I also bought “weasel” as well to be shorter, but I have no clue if they are...
  7. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Need some help

    Hey guys. I’m trying to get supplies to make my first ever fursuit, but I have no clue what color fur to get. I’m gonna use the Shannon Favrics brand on the shag faux fur. I’m undecided bween two colors, camel and the neon yellow. Camel looks like a natural color, yet it feels too light, but...
  8. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Furry Meets

    Hey everyone. I'm just wondering if there are any meets or cons in my area. I don't think there are as anthrocon is 4-6 hours away from me. I also don't know any other furries at my church or at school. So far most people are ok with them in that they aren't mad at me for being one, but they...
  9. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    New Furry With a New Fursona

    Hello everyone, I have officially called myself a furry and am willing to be accepted into your community. I've been worried about joining for years, and I finally decided to join the fandom. I have also created a fursona a couple years ago which I created as a wolf/corgi mix. I'm unsure if...