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  1. Cyanomega

    Disenchantment got furry as f%ck

    Season two episode four. It was so good I added it to my signature. Anyone else started season 2?
  2. Cyanomega

    CYOA - A Waking Dream

    This is a chose your own adventure game. The rules are simple. I will write out a thing, and anyone who wants to participate will choose what they want the protagonist to do. I'll leave the post inactive on my part for 24 hours and let everyone choose what to do. I'll tally up what action...
  3. Cyanomega

    Thinking of starting a CYOA forum game tomorrow

    Thinking of starting a CYOA forum game tomorrow. It would start with character creation and continue after that. I think it would be a good way to encourage creative writing here. I would make the first post discussing the creation of the main character and leave an open vote for everything...
  4. Cyanomega

    How do I use a photo for my avatar on the main site?

    I am sorry but I'm like a friggin luddite sometimes. Im trying to use a picture I've taken of some art I drew as an avatar, I've converted the image to JPG like it normally asks me to.do but it says the size is too large. Anyone know how I can fix this and use the pic? I'm sorry, I know I...
  5. Cyanomega

    Old things from your childhood you have forgotten about.

    I recently remembered both the omega virus board game and the VHS Gargoyles(Disney) board game that came with the compilation VHS that was supposed to be the first season, but wasnt. Also how obsessed i was with ninja turtles merch and owned had when I was 10 in 93. I And also the old...
  6. Cyanomega

    Not sure if this is the right place. How do I link an artist if I have drawn.

    I drew a picture of Austin from night physics, a comic drawn by Dramamine. I want to link to him and I've seen people do it in descriptions(it shows up as a profile picture with the artist's name) I want to make sure I properly give him credit, so I was wondering how to do this. Sorry if this...
  7. Cyanomega

    Blue Monday worth a read?

    Someone recommended it to me because, and I Quote, " Stank ass otter shows up and it's slice of life. " No idea how to take this, but kind of interested. I love slice of life manga but as I understand this is just strip compilations like out of heavy metal magazine and such.
  8. Cyanomega

    Advice for approaching Artists for commissions?

    I've had the money tucked away for a commission for a reference sheet for the last 3 months but I just seem to have had bad.luck going about it. I have checked and double checked it an artist is open for commision, and it always seems they are, but whenever I try to contact them through...
  9. Cyanomega

    I need a hug the game!

    Hey, I'm Cyan. I'm going through a rough patch right now. I don't know you, you don't know me. I need a damn hug. Like, seriously, I need one. Let's pretend you know me Hey! I know you too! So, imma hug ya! Yes, you. Specifically you. I know you are just like me. Alone, tired, bored...
  10. Cyanomega

    How do you keword?(dumb guy asks questions)

    Hey, sorry to bother everyone. I'm uploading my old art and some new stuff and I'm wondering how do I do keywords(tag)? Not that I think my art is in any way, shape,or form good. I just realized you need a keyword or two if you want it to show up at all in searches. If this is the wrong...
  11. Cyanomega

    To those who love the grind(RPG)

    My first RPG was Final Fantasy one. I have alwaysed loved the grind. From FF1 to DQ1. Suikoden1 to Persona:Revelations. parasite Eve to XenoGears. It's relaxing. It helps me shut down. It gives me a reason to mindlessly play a game. Right now I'm grinding in FF5 because it's relaxing...
  12. Cyanomega

    I can't even think of a way to start this reintroduction.

    Well, for starters my iPod, my only connection to the internet, was crushed by a car. I doubt anyone here even remembers me. I lost my job and had to be almost homeless for awhile. Things were bad, but like always, they got better. Now I'm back, so hey all. Hey Pheonixdragon. I'm sorry I...
  13. Cyanomega

    Animation that blows your mind

    We've all had those moments. Those "oh shit! That looks amazing!" Moments when watching something animated. Be it Anime or cartoon, sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at how something so impressive could come to pass. let's share a few of those moments. Ive never seen the last...
  14. Cyanomega

    If you live in ny or ni, don't try and drive through si

    If you live in NY or NJ and think you can cut across the island, don't bother. Whole islands on lockdown. Each and every car coming or going is being checked individualy at every bridges, everyone is being searched at the ferry and traffic is at a standstill on the expressway and parkway. We...
  15. Cyanomega

    You know summers finally arrived when....

    It's different for everyone. It might just be the solstice has come and gone, the rising temperatures, your local pool opening ect. What is it for you? For me it's when I can hear the cicadas. I was just out on my stoop, smoking when I heard them. I might loath the sight of the damn things but I...
  16. Cyanomega

    Impressive villains

    Let's take a moment to revel in the darker side of things. The love of the "bad guy". More often than not they can be more impressive than the hero. Any form of media will do. Books, movies, comics, radio ect. since I've just finished up the daredevil Netflix series(it was impressive and worth...
  17. Cyanomega

    Things in games that make you emotional

    Yep, I'll admit it, a good story can make me cry like a child. Just beat P3 again and shed a tear or two. It's not the only game to make me do so. Shit, the time Aylss died in phantasy star 4 did the same thing. There's a ton more. Anyone who's hAd a game made them emotional to a extreem, this...
  18. Cyanomega

    Surprisingly awesome moments in your life

    Ever had one of those moments in life, when shit was dire or so bad nothing good could possibly happen, but then, surprise surprise, something awesome happened? Let's talk about those times. I have too many to count. I'll start small and work up, but let's get this going. When I was at boyscout...
  19. Cyanomega

    George R. R. Martin coming to S. I.

    Any fans in the 5 Burroughs, George R. R. Martin will be at the Staten Island Yankees game August 8th. He'll be signing autographs and you get a free hat with the stark direwolf symbol on it. Tix still available. I'm gonna go just to tell him to finish the dam books already!
  20. Cyanomega

    True detective - season 2

    Oh boy, just overflowing with anticipation here! Any other true detective fans out there? Can you feel the hype, so thick in the hot and humid June air, pressing down upon you and choking you? I honestly don't have high hopes for this season. I was so damn enthralled with the first season...