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    eggs 2

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    Do you like eggs?

    Are eggs a good or a bad thing in the modern world?
  4. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    Malware Message?!!?

    Well, I'm on FAF, when this happens. I go to click on the "settings" button at the top of this site, but accidentally I click in the "my profile" part, and then this appears - my heart leaped into my throat at the sight of that big, bright red screen. I was looking at my profile just yesterday...
  5. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    How Well Can You Sing?

    What the title said. How good is your singing voice? I can't sing very well. To quote the late Sir Patrick Moore, "I had a very nice voice as a boy but, when it broke, it shattered".
  6. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    What Accent Do You Have?

    Seems like a good idea for a thread to me. I was thinking about making a poll for this, but I realised there are so many different accents it would take forever to list them all as options. Although I've lived in Scotland all my life, I actually have an English accent. My parents are from...
  7. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    Best Music in Television

    What the title said. What do you think is the best music in any television series? It could be the title theme, or the score for a single episode of any given TV show. Now, I being a massive Doctor Who fan, of course I'm gonna say music from an episode of said programme - but not just for the...
  8. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    Quite Possibly One of the Most Offensive Songs Ever Written

    If you're easily offended, I would highly suggest not watching this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY26l5SAxJs I genuinely have no idea how the writer of this song thought it was a good idea. The actual music is fantastic, but the lyrics are such that I started laughing uncontrollably...
  9. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    Are You Procrastinating Right Now?

    Basically, are you currently meant to be doing something that would bring long-term reward, but putting it off for something rewarding in the short term (like eating chocolate or fast food when you should be exercising)? Right now, I should be doing an essay for my english class and some I.T...
  10. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    Your Favourite Quotes

    What the title said. Just list some of your favourite quotes from film, television, radio, maybe even books or theatre. "My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today." -Fiver, Watership Down (film and book) "Unidentified flying cupcake." -Ringo, Yellow Submarine...
  11. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    What's your favourite nature programme(s)?

    What the title said. I think everybody pretty much knows what a nature programme is. I'd have to say one of my favourite nature programmes is the series Life On Earth, from 1979. Other than a couple of things of which at the time they didn't know about, hence giving the simple explanation "we...
  12. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    What's your favourite christmas film?

    Seeing as christmas is just round the corner, I thought this'd be an appropriately festive question to ask. My favourite has to be Elf, the one with Will Ferral in it. It's a Wonderful Life is a great one too. The cinema my mum works at shows it every christmas.
  13. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    Alternative 3

    Alternative 3 is basically the grandaddy of things such as Ghostwatch (highly recommended), Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project etc. etc. Right, not to the main topic: in 1977, some TV company Anglia TV cancelled a program called "Science Report". This programme would probably have...
  14. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    What do you think is the best fight scene, in either TV or film?

    What the title said, basically. Doesn't matter what it's from, so long as it's a fight scene, it falls within the forum rules, and you think it's good. I'd have to say I quite like this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=IbQa8C9t4mY&feature=endscreen Sure, it looks a bit fake...
  15. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    LEGO City Undercover

    Damn, this game looks awesome. When Nintendo said there was gonna be a Lego game for the Wii U at 2011's E3, I thought it'd be a bit crap, a tie-in just made for the money. But after seeing the trailer, it looks like one of the better games coming out for the Wii U...
  16. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    What's the Most Visually Interesting Music Video You've Ever Seen?

    What the title said. The music doesn't matter, it's about the video that goes along with it (so long as it falls within forum rules, so nothing too NSWF). I'd have to say this one is pretty sweet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPlQpGeTbIE&feature
  17. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    What makes you nostalgic?

    What the title said. It could be anything; video games, music, tv shows, books..... anything. To me Spyro 1 and 3 on the PS1 are pretty nostalgic.
  18. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    Post an Interesting Video

    What the title said. Just find a video, any video, that you find interesting, and post it in this thread - so long as they follow the forum rules, of course, so no nudity or anything of the like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xemKc2In5Y
  19. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    The War Game [1965]

    The War Game (not to be confused with the episode of Doctor Who "The War Games", 1969) is a programme made by the BBC in 1965 documenting what might have happened had a nuclear war occurred in the UK. It was deemed too "shocking" at the time to be shown, and was held back from being broadcast...
  20. Sutekh_the_Destroyer

    What, in your opinion, is the best ending of any book?

    What the title says. To me, the ending of Gavin Maxwell's Raven Seek Thy Brother, the third and last book in the Ring of Bright Water trilogy of books (and to anyone who has not read the three books I would strongly recommend picking it up by any means possible), is both sad and touching.