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  1. Xing Tian

    Selling pony!

    www.furaffinity.net: Selling pony! [OPEN] by XingTian i am selling this pony for 15 USD with a NSFW version included if the buyer wishes to have it this is first come first serve, no auction or anything of the sort if you wish to buy this adopt please leave a comment below or message me...
  2. Xing Tian

    Looking for EU West LoL furs

    hello! I'm looking for any furs that would like to possibly play league of legends with a noob, well I'm not a complete noob but I've come back to the game after about a year of not playing it, I am a naut main in supp and learning to play swain in top
  3. Xing Tian

    looking for GTA 5 furs!

    hello anyone reading this! This may be rather sudden but I'm looking for three to four good PS4 GTA furs who would like to join me every once and awhile as Associates who may want some in game cash :3 we can even do some heists too :3 if you have questions messege me here My PS4 name is...
  4. Xing Tian

    art for my rabbit before she passes

    sorry if the name of this request sounds weird, i dont know what to call it, but basically im looking for someone that may be able to draw my 9 year old rabbit Betsy, she has lived four years longer then she should have and basically could die at any given moment, so i want to get something nice...
  5. Xing Tian

    Help in the creation of my hybrid

    hello anyone reading, I would really like some help of a good artist to try and draw my hybrid crab/octopus femboy oc from a description, sadly I do not have any money to give you but if you would like I could art trade for a drawing of him, or for free if you give me that luxury :) well if you...
  6. Xing Tian

    Headshot trade

    Hello anyone willing to look at my art trade, I've gotten slightly better at head shots and would like to trade for them headshot for headshot, I have 3 slots open to anyone that wants them as long as they have referrence for there character and there art 1. 2. 3. I would like to either get a...
  7. Xing Tian

    Need help with animal ideas!

    i don't know if this is the right place to put this thread or not (sorry! ) but I wanted some help from everyone who sees this to give me animal ideas for a new character, I decided to make a character for different things like tomboy, herm, Lesbian, stuff like that and I wanted an animal for a...
  8. Xing Tian

    Need help from you Pokemon y players

    simply, I need to trade with one of you for an aggronite, it's something I've really needed for my squads best and only steel type Pokemon, if anyone is willing to do a trade then I'm up for it! Thanks for reading!
  9. Xing Tian

    Smite anyone?

    This is my first time doing a game topic on anything but I'd love to talk to people who play smite or want to get into it, since I like to talk to people about the game and possibly teach others!
  10. Xing Tian

    Don't look here, phone is dumb

    sorry phone made another topic DX
  11. Xing Tian

    trading for first and last time XD

    I never thought I would ever post a topic on here, but I'd like to do some art trades, however I'm not very good so hard with me, and I may not be able to make a single piece of art until a months time, however i WILL do this! :D that's a little bit of my art above, only good at head shots and...