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  1. Van the cheesen one


    Who of you ever tried their hands on making their own games, be it on their own or with others? I re-discovered old RPG-maker and Dating-sim projects from eons ago that I never finished and wondered how many on here also have, or if any even pushed through and made a full game? I remember that...
  2. Van the cheesen one


    Do you guys tip artists if you like their work? I saw a comment on a video and it got me thinking. I personally cannot afford a lot of commission work myself, but if I do and I am happy with the work, or if I enjoyed a stream I usually try to leave a small tip if I can. Also, if you do, do you...
  3. Van the cheesen one

    Hey, what are your favorite songs? ;)

    I will be participating in a community event with Fireside in July called the "Jukebox Hero Challenge"! We will be collecting music requests on donations and drawing scenes inspired by your music requests! We will also include all sorts of personalities from the community in our pieces. Even...
  4. Van the cheesen one

    Tell us about games that don't get enough love!

    I always love to find new, interesting games, but a lot of media focuses on the AAA/mainstream games and a lot of smaller, indie games often get overlooked. In this thread, you can post your recommends and please tell us, what you love about the game, just nerd out! :)
  5. Van the cheesen one

    Art Trade: Hey you! Wanna trade?

    Artwork Gallery for VantheCheesenOne -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you are interested in a little art trade just send me a note ;)
  6. Van the cheesen one

    Why vore?

    Hi! To start off: I do NOT want to kink shame anyone! As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult and nobody gets hurt (unless they want to and stay safe) I am cool with it! But recently when I browse FA art, even with the sfw filter on, I see SO much vore art. Personally, I find the...
  7. Van the cheesen one

    I just like watching unboxing videos

    Personally, I can't afford a fursuit and am quite okay with that, but I just love to watch people unbox their fursuits, I'm just so excited for them! To see amazing fursuits and to see how happy they make their new owners? It's just so wholesome :p It's what brought me back to the furry fandom...
  8. Van the cheesen one

    What are you guys looking forward to this year?

    When I'm feeling a little down, I like to focus on things I'm looking forward to in the near future, how about you? Fingers crossed I'll finally be getting my own living space, which excites me to no end (also motivates me to work more xD). Small things like new games lurking on the horizon are...
  9. Van the cheesen one

    Wanna do a little trade?

    Heyho! If you like my style and you wanna have a little art trade, just send me a note :) A link to my gallery: Artwork Gallery for VantheCheesenOne -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. Van the cheesen one

    Free headshot tonight~

    Accidentally deleted my last thread since I am clever ._. Aaaaanyways, tonight I have some free time, anyone want some free art?
  11. Van the cheesen one

    Let's try to make a Fursona together?

    Okay I just got this idea and thought it might be fun :3 Here is what I imagine this going like: > For every step, I will give a headline (let's say 'species') and then you can post suggestions > After 3-4 have been made, I will post a poll, where you can vote for one > I will add the...