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  1. Mandragoras

    Music You Forgot Existed

    David Thomas Broughton and Larmousse were two such artists, although in the former case I had forgotten the name but not the music.
  2. Mandragoras

    So tell me dudes, what kinda music do you listen to?

    Lately mostly really weird metal and other heavy music, plus some ambient, glitch, sound collage stuff, a little noise, a little post-punk and prog-rock. I can enjoy most things to some degree but lately I've just been craving stuff that's pummelling and completely bizarre and chasing that with...
  3. Mandragoras

    Funniest/Silliest band name(s) you can think of

    I have A Union of Piss-Wolves claimed for my future black/grind/doom band.
  4. Mandragoras

    Not much, actually. Just been keeping on keeping on. Hope you've been well!

    Not much, actually. Just been keeping on keeping on. Hope you've been well!
  5. Mandragoras

    I've always been around, just quietly lurking. owo Nice to see you too, though!

    I've always been around, just quietly lurking. owo Nice to see you too, though!
  6. Mandragoras

    Games with furry protagonists?

    Hate to be basic here, but the fact that Night in the Woods hasn't received a single shout-out here is kind of shocking, if only because the art is gorgeous.
  7. Mandragoras

    Do you feel related to your fursona? How? Why?

    Mine is basically me, or rather, a particular part of myself made concrete. I didn't think long and hard about this so much as I had a certain philosophy about what a fursona would mean to me and then ran with it.
  8. Mandragoras

    what's your sexuality/ gender

    Yeah, being patronised by well-meaning people isn't nearly so unpleasant as active hostility, but it is another way in which one is turned into the Other, particularly if there's an objectifying tinge to it. "You're so exotic!" "You don't look mannish at all!" And so forth. On-topic...
  9. Mandragoras

    What's your favorite scary movie?

    Probably something by David Lynch. I've seen Inland Empire twice.
  10. Mandragoras

    What was your first anime?

    Given your tastes, I feel safe in recommending you watch Texhnolyze. The show shares a director with Steins;Gate and has a lot in common in terms of visual aesthetic, but with the same character designer and writer as serial experiments: lain. It's dark and brutal and very strange, but I found...
  11. Mandragoras

    What was your worst movie theater experience?

    I was reading about the Princes of Great Novgorod earlier, funnily enough. Shame that the movie sucked so much, given how interesting the subject was. Establishing the legal code for the Kievan Rus' and unifying the better part of Eastern Europe during a period when most of the West was tripping...
  12. Mandragoras

    What Kind of Nen User Are You?

    Manipulator, probably.
  13. Mandragoras

    Funniest/Silliest band name(s) you can think of

    In terms of actual bands that exist, the following come to mind as having especially peculiar names which do put a smile on my face: Anal Sadist Arsonists Get All the Girls Bite the Wax Tadpole Bong Rips for Jesus Duran Duran Duran Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Half Man Half Biscuit I Wrote Haikus...
  14. Mandragoras

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    Not a song submission, but an album. Regardless, I suppose this goes here.
  15. Mandragoras

    Noise and Extreme Experimental Music

    So I listened to Jason Crumer's Ottoman Black yesterday. Wonderfully creepy album with some great, vivid, nasty sound design and conceptual stuff going on. I swear the sudden quiet bits hit ten times harder than the walls of noise. The closest comparison I have to it is maybe Consumer...
  16. Mandragoras

    show me pics of your fursona!

    Finally drew my own fursona. Woo?
  17. Mandragoras

    Noise and Extreme Experimental Music

    Raster-Noton is a good label.
  18. Mandragoras

    Making electronic and/or sample-based music... Where to start?

    Thanks! I tend to retain a lot of information of varying levels of usefulness, particularly about things I like. Tuning and harmony are my big nerd passions, so I've kind of hoarded a lot of info about them.