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  1. Lewi

    Furries and Hygiene

    Just a thought: Anthro characters must go through a lot of shampoo. But in all seriousness, how do you think Hygiene in a (Completely Hypothetical) Furry world would differ, if at all, to our world? Would there be a need for bars of soap? Would Anthro teenagers need spot cream? What about...
  2. Lewi

    Making the noise of your Fursona's species.

    Woof. Meow. Moo. Animal noises are things we all did as kids. But some Furries carry them on through to adulthood. Now it's OK if it's as a joke (i.e. "i'm a dog lol yap yap yap :V"), but is it acceptable when it's taken to it's full extent? I've heard of some fuzzbutts taking it to the extent...
  3. Lewi

    Easy software for making Chiptunes?

    'ello. I have been playing a lot of WarioWare: D.I.Y recently, and that game has it's own music composing suite (Music Makermatic) that is just... ADDICTING as fuck. With the experience I've gathered from WWDIY, I want to get on with making Chiptunes on my PC. Now I've looked around, and most...
  4. Lewi

    Does your Fursona have a different nationality to you?

    Hello Denlings :V One thing I've noticed, is that people fill in lots of details about their Fursonas that are just unneeded (favourite colour, candy preference, radioactivity count) without filling in one thing that is sorta necessary... Nationality. Now, most of you will match your...
  5. Lewi

    Can a mythical creature be considered an anthropomorph?

    Hello Den. I see a lot of people who have mytho creature 'sonas (Dragons, Minotaurs, Pegesai etc.), and I wondered - surely, if that creature is one of mythos, it isn't a furry? It was created thousands of years ago as some monster, so it's no a modern anthropomorph? I may be wrong, but just a...
  6. Lewi

    Facebook groups and pages

    Hello gaize There's probably loads of groups and pages on Facebook for us fuzzies, but the thing is, not everyone knows all of them. So, I am opening this thread so you can link to pages/groups that are of interest. I'll start with Furfagets United. Mods, you can move this if it's in the...
  7. Lewi

    Thinking of making a group account... What do I need to do?

    Okay, so I notice a lot of people on here like to have their characters drawn suited and booted in the classiest dappery imaginable. Suits, tuxedos... dapper furries everywhere! Scattered across the depths of space! But I'm thinking of constructing a net... Something to catch these dishy...
  8. Lewi

    Account Problem: Trying to submit icon on new account, not working... but no problems with the file?

    Okay, so I moved accounts on FA just now, and I want to set an icon for the new account. I have a 100 x 100, under 50KB image file to use, as is the rules, but when I choose the file and submit... it doesn't appear in the folder? I have tried emptying my browser cache, refreshing the page...
  9. Lewi

    What do your family and friends think of your anthro art

    'ello guv'nahs. This has probably been asked before, but I have a question: If your family and friends have seen your anthro art/art you have commissioned, what did they think of it? If this thread already exists, feel free to kill mine.
  10. Lewi

    So, I've returned after a hiatus...

    Hello again...? The name's Lewi, but my avatar is called Logan. He's a Charolais bull with cool hair and a nice taste in clothes. Oh, and the obligatory muscle-y form too. Here's what he looks like: "Say What?" Artwork by myself. I know pretty much how the forum works, but... has it changed...
  11. Lewi

    Critique please?

    Hello Wow, long time away from here. S'pose I'd better begin. Well, I've been drawing Anthro characters since the early months of 2008, and It's been an amazing experience being among other Anthro artists. My artwork has gone from good to bad, then to good again, but now I'm just unsure. Do...
  12. Lewi

    Anthro movies?

    Wow, haven't posted here in a while. well, I have a question I'm sure you've probably all heard before, but I'm asking it anyway: What's your favourite anthro movie? I haven't seen an anthro movie apart from Kung Fu Panda (:D) and (SHOCK HORROR) Robin Hood, so I cant judge :c
  13. Lewi


    What's all the hype with Team Fortress 2? I dun geddit.
  14. Lewi

    What if FA had a new mascot?

    Now, pretty much all of us know Fender, the tie wearing Ferrox who is FurAffinity's mascot. But what if FA had a new mascot (forgetting Rednef)? What species would it be? Gender? Sexuality? Would they also wear a tie? Whaddya think? (Move if needed)
  15. Lewi

    2chan: the Japanese furry fandom?

    Ok, I have a guilty little love for all the Japanese flash animations, of the cats with typed faces (Nightmare City for example). A little research shows they come from a site called '2chan' (2ch for short). Do you think the community of 2chan is similar - if a little dafter - to our own, here...
  16. Lewi

    Furry Foods?

    Do you think the anthro world would have/not have certain foodstuffs?
  17. Lewi

    Recent HD camera advert containing the anthropomorphic egyptian god, Anubis.

    Hey. Here in the Uk, we have an advert for a Panasonic Camera. Now, Panasonic's ads usually involve famous monuments doing strange things. Recently, one was made where a guy throws his do a stick in and egyptian temple. Not only does the dog chase the stick, but a statue of the egyptian god...
  18. Lewi

    Have I improved?

    In terms of art, have I improved since my last thread/my avatar? Sorry about the lame photography D: PREVIOUS WORK: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3434406 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3425219 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3445419 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3050366/
  19. Lewi

    I need some critique on my art style...

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lewi/ At the sec I'm not too confident in my art, so I think I need some constructive critisism on my art style. I really want to improve. Thanks! ^^
  20. Lewi

    Ok, now time for a serious thread...

    Do you think 2012 is seriously... Nevermind :3 ANYHOO, the question is: If a movie was made about the furry fandom, what do you think it would be like? Documentary, romance, story, muscial *shudders*, or even a porno? What do you think?