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  1. LadyToorima

    New Years Resolutions!

    So Christmas is almost here, and the New Year comes right after, so as I thought about my fail at this years New Years resolutions I figured it would make a fun topic. (I didn't see one of these yet >.> ) Who has a New Years Resolution for next year already? Who has one for this year? Did you...
  2. LadyToorima

    Anyone willing to help?

    So let me lay it all out: 1) I have not been able to get my main fursona drawn yet- a) My best friend, and another RL friend were going to draw it for me, but both of them have been really busy and haven't been able to get around to drawing her yet. It's been over a month and I've lost...
  3. LadyToorima

    Best furry convention for a newbie?

    Please forgive me if this thread has been done before!!! -bow- I was just wondering what conventions you might suggest for a newbie and the reasons behind your choice? Are there any fur conventions I should avoid? Tips for attending furry cons or for someone who may one day get to acquire a...
  4. LadyToorima

    Hello from another Newbie~

    Hello, I am Lady Toorima. The furry fandom is very new to me, but I have a very high interest level for it and wish to learn more about it, and those that are already a part of it. There are a great many things I am still learning, and my fursona is eluding me currently and I find myself...