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  1. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Turtle Sona for my Romantic Interest.

    Okay so there is this girl I've been taking to for months, we are getting along great and we are taking it slow but are close to getting together. Well she is graduated and having a party soon. Well I recently converted her and got her to finally accept and be a furry. Since I can't make it to...
  2. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Can Someone give my Hyena more conservative clothes?

    I've had this Yeen Mama for a while but her outfit feels like it gives off the air that she's is a fetish character or a skit at the very least, so I was wondering if some could redo her hair and wardrobe by keeping the punk Asthetic but less revealing. The piercings and gauges MUST remain on...
  3. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Chunkify My Hyena

    Can someone who is skilled at drawing thicker boddied females revamp my Hyena, I'd like her to be curvier, full bodied, got a gut, thick body bushy wild hair, nose ring and gauges and have her hair be some unique two tone hair color (artists choice as I'm terrible at matching and complementing...
  4. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: [Challenge] Gender Bend My Protogen

    Like I wanna start doing RPs but my Protogen isn't sexy I am looking for an artist who can take him and sexify him, like make him absolutely irresistible here are reference photos.
  5. ThefriendlyFurry

    Art Trade: My two exotic OCs Need Art

    So rent kicked my paychecks ass more than i excpected, so i have two characters a Hyena and a Raptor who are just text. Does anyone mind doing a trade? I have a few OCs I don't use and would gladly trade 2 for the two characters. I will glaldy commission the artists who i trade with once my...
  6. ThefriendlyFurry

    Hiring: I'm looking for a $20-$35 ref sheet

    I get paid Friday and am looking for someone to do 1 or 2 of my OCs one is text and one i actually have art for, so if you are good at Raptors and Protogens send me a DM as I'll be working.
  7. ThefriendlyFurry

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [NSFW] All Pony OCs for $10 [18+]

    Warning the following folder for sale contains 18+ NSFW content so if you are under 18 this post is not available for you. Alright so i used to be a brony and a massed a small amount of fan art over that time, due to me having so many i will link the google photo folder, $10 via paypal you can...
  8. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Will Trade OCs for Protogen OC

    Okay so I wanna get more art of my first Protogen, however there are some issues; Its a unique race for sonas but I have no money (rent and bills >~<), i also don't really know what i want and would appreciate an artist that wouldn't mind brainstorming with me despite this being a free request...
  9. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Draw My OC in Hazbin Style

    Okay so I'm currently obsess with the webseries Hazbin hotel and i wanna have my old OC converted to a demented but pleasant demon fox theif. I have old OCs for trade but this at its core is a REQUEST. If you don't know the art style you can google it but I will give examples of the art below...
  10. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Make Me a Dad

    Okay so for those who don't know my fursona is a Kodiak bear and I eventually wanna be a dad so I figured I'd give you guys my fursona and was wondering if a artist on here could turn my fursona into a young, hip, sexy dad. If the image doesn't Show here is a link to it a version will also be...
  11. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Turn me into to a Furry!

    Okay so for the past few years I've been using the sa,e fursona my lovingly thick and manly fox, but it got me thinking; I'm not really like a fox. So to see what happens i, gonna do a little request, I'm gonna tell you a little about me then I'm gonna post 2 selfies. I want an artist to take...
  12. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: [Request/Trade] I need art for 3 new OCs.

    Okay so I haven't been in for a while as I've been working on myself but more importantly my tastes have changed and I'm looking to see three of my new OCsite made. I'm not extremely picky nor am I impatient so if interested here are the 3 bios feel free to choose 1 or more. P.S. I'm also a...
  13. ThefriendlyFurry

    Will Write You a Story for Art.

    Okay so I was going back through my old OCs and decided I wanted to Gender Bend 2 and get a ref sheet for another. I'll detail below and I'll write whatever you want. Gender Bent OCsOCs (Both are Males and I want them as female): Sean: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PET14kZ8uR6NFqvQ7 Noah...
  14. ThefriendlyFurry

    Story for Art

    You read the title; I'm a writer and am wanting to make myself known, I want to do this so I can start taking commissions. So if you draw art of any of my ocs I'll write you a One-Off 6,000 Word story. Anything you want I'll right and I won't ask for things you can't draw. I'd prefer some NSFW...
  15. ThefriendlyFurry

    Novice Writing Commissions Now Re-Opened! [Slots 0/3]

    My laptop is fixed and ready so if you want a casual story written with your OC's then click the link below to see the prices. Userpage of ThefriendlyFurry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  16. ThefriendlyFurry

    Will Trade my Two Girls for two new OCs.

    1st Request I’d like done in exchange for Miku or Mika. Name: Arianna Gender: Female Species: Fox Age: 23 Eye Color: Neon Body Type: Thin but Healthy Style Type: Maid/Slave/Servant Hair Style:Something Emo or Scene Color: Neon Rainbow (Artists Choice) Body Color: Neon Colors (Artists Choice)...
  17. ThefriendlyFurry

    Can Someone’s Draw my OCs Daughter?

    My fursona and one of his mates recently spent a long passionate night and miraculously their seed and eggs mixed. The pictures below are the mother and father is like someone that to draw their 12 year old daughter. Noah is sly, charming, thick, and very lovable if a little hot headed and...
  18. ThefriendlyFurry

    [NSFW/SFW]Story Commissions Now Available [2/5]

    ~TheFriendlyFurry~ ( Furry Writer ) Full Name: Noah H. F. Rice User Title: Sean Shamrock Current mood: Aiming Okay so I'm finally ready to take writing public, I don't charge much as I'm only writing short stories (5000 Words Max) but these short stories can be about...
  19. ThefriendlyFurry

    [ASAP]Help with Comments!

    okay so on my side bar it said I've given and received two comments but it wont let me see them, there not on my user page, or any of my submissions. How can I view them?
  20. ThefriendlyFurry

    My Sheep needs a Ref

    Okay so I just got the idea to do something and get myself an OC if a species not a lot of people do. So if someone wants to draw her a piece of art. (Preferably a Ref Sheet with at least two angles of the front and back) here’s her info. Name: Sarah Lee Age: 26 Gender: Female Species: Sheep...