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  1. CupOfChamomile

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Lineless Geometric Headshots - $7

    Lineless Geometric Headshots Hey! I make geometric headshots, examples are below! Commissions are currently open for $7 through PayPal. If you are interested, please message me on discord (chamomile#7035). Please note: some characters, such as those with heavy use of gradients, may not be...
  2. CupOfChamomile

    $10 Tiled Phone Backgrounds

    hey! I'm chamomile, and I'm offering a few tiled phone background commissions. These come with one fullbody, a chibi / silly fullbody, a headshot, and your choice of some part of them (an item, their paw, their eyes, their tail, etc). I can tailor these to whatever type of phone you have, by...
  3. CupOfChamomile

    Character Designs For Sale

    character designs for sale! I am willing to haggle prices / do a art trade / character trade. I also do custom character design commissions if you are interested. Sunset cheetah $9 Monolotl $11 bee bear $7 forest cougar $10 wasp cat $6 sharp cat $5
  4. CupOfChamomile

    Transgender Children's Book

    this was for a school project ! It's a bit rushed as I only had 5 days to start and finish it, if I had had more time I would have added more pages and more detail. It was written in a way that would make it easier for children to understand, that is why the definition isn't super detailed and...
  5. CupOfChamomile

    [on sale!] Chamomile's Commissions [Open!]

    On sale! Now $7 instead of $10 for a short time! $7 "crayon style" colored fullbodies! Feral or Anthro. Any dimensions you want! I can go off of references or a written description. If you want the art to be a reference of your character I am happy to add a color palette to the side, or add...
  6. CupOfChamomile

    new kid on the block

    hey there, I'm chamomile! I've been on FA for a little while now, and was a bit nervous to join the forums until now. I have been drawing anthro animals for years, before I heard about the term "furry". Like many folks here, I spent most my childhood trying to figure out how to draw like Disney...