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  1. Band1t

    What was the last Anime/Show you watched?

    Pretty simple concept, just say what Anime and or Show you last watched was. Ill go first. I last watched Kinguobuzahiru, which is the best anime known to man. Its about a man named Hankuhiru and his escapades in the fictional town Arlen. His comrades include Dēru Guriburu, Biru Dōtarību, and...
  2. Band1t

    Possible Noir, Crime sort've RP.

    I was wondering if anyone would like to RP in some kind of group or something. Pretty simple in the sense of plot, just more or less our own radio drama esc thing. Message me if you're interested. Ciao
  3. Band1t

    Anyone down for some Babyfur/Diaperfur kinda rp?

    Really just looking for a long term partner for now. Preferably SFW and someone whos semiliterate. Any gender accepted too! Ciao!