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  1. oven

    ♦ all-genre lgbtq+ roleplay forum invite ♦

    Peppersoap Comics is launching a barebones roleplay forum for active long-term roleplayers; original and fan characters, multi genre, lgbtq+ inclusive. AND YOU ARE INVITED. Because. We actually need users to like... be. Board and subforums still under construction, but if you and your...
  2. oven

    5 character requests for inking practice (sfw)

    first five requests for freeeee ~ may or may not end up in silly clothes / backgrounds, so include some things your character likes and i'll see what can be worked in 5/5 reserves 1/5 working on 0/5 finished pickup:
  3. oven

    coloring book

    w a t h o w r u l e s s u g g e s t i o n s
  4. oven

    Long time FA member, first time FAFfer.

    . n a m e . i n f o . Oven, LeakingOven, Leaky, Varonja, Brash Candiboot Aged nearly thirty years, like expensive wine or questionably fancy cheese. Handsome. Sort of. If you squint. . b i o . Oven was born under a bridge in the swampland of the Northern Americas, then was promptly...
  5. oven

    [OPEN] sketch requests, full pose + 3 expression [ 0 / 5 ]

    [OPEN] sketch requests, full pose + 3 expression [ 3 / 5 ] thread status: OPEN slots: 3 / 5 I need to have some things to submit to my gallery, so! First come first serve on character sketch requests - with a chance to get a full ink'd. :> The offer is for one character, full body, and...