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  1. Rawnight

    Works in Progress!

    thank you so much!! and YES i love firealpaca, the best part is that it's completely free to use. there's tons of brush sets around dA and other places that you can download as well! can't reccomend it enough, it's comparable to clip studio which is on my old computer (i still need to transfer...
  2. Rawnight

    Why did you choose your fursona?

    i agonized over an animal for a while when i decided to redo my fursona, it was hard since my last sona was a fantasy creature but i wanted to be more grounded/use an actual creature as reference this time around... wolves & dogs just don't FIT me fully even though i love them, so instead i...
  3. Rawnight

    Works in Progress!

    she's coming along reeeeally nicely!!
  4. Rawnight

    Open Chat

    i need to at least TRY to be productive today
  5. Rawnight

    Works in Progress!

    working on my new fursona!!! she doesn't have a name yet, but she's a wolverine
  6. Rawnight

    what breed of dog do you like best

    i have a huge soft spot for small terriers because that's the only dog i have ever owned, my family has 2 (a rat terrier and a yorkshire terrier). i love chihuahuas as well! just the little guys
  7. Rawnight

    Do Lesbians Even Exist?

    i am a big lesbian, hello!
  8. Rawnight

    hello! i'm coming back to FA!

    (: basically yeah! i think i just lurked on the forums but then abandoned my account & i'm now back to see what's up lol that's good advice... i thought about a canine fursona but i'm thinking about choosing something different, not just to be unique or anything but there's a lot of species...
  9. Rawnight

    hello! i'm coming back to FA!

    hello, my name is amory! my FA account is angelsetc Userpage of angelsetc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and i've only JUST NOW logged back in after stalling for 4 years, probably bc i was too busy with college to check back in. not to mention i got a bit sidetracked due to not having very many...