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  1. Dr_pyro


    one hell of a topic. anyone else agree?
  2. Dr_pyro

    Hey! looking for a friend

    my name is wolfie. i joined yesterday and am really new to the furry fandom. im looking for teens out there like me who loves the same stuff i do! :D im a little unfimiliar with everything but ive seen the art on the main site and im just loveing it ive also met a few people. but not many. im...
  3. Dr_pyro

    Artic Wolf Tail

    wanting to buy an artic wolf tail private message me or reply :3
  4. Dr_pyro

    New and alone.

    Hey. my name is Dr_pyro im brand new to this site. im the only person were i am who is into the same stuff i am. frankly im lost. i love the art and ive been looking around the site and the art ive seen is amazing! im a little lost though... anyone willing to give me pointers? like were i can...