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  1. Akitagami

    Being an otter means...

    Hey everyone! Fair or not, people will hold stereotypes based on the species of one's chosen avatar. Among the better known stereotypes are that wolves are dommy, foxes are slutty, and horses are size queens. What comes to mind when you see an otter? Dommy? Subby? Outgoing? Reserved? What otter...
  2. Akitagami

    What kind of otter is Bayshore?

    From Blotch's Dog's Days of Summer. I was just curious if anybody had any idea. And don't say "cute" because that's already obvious XP http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1897467/ Otter Species: http://www.otterspecialistgroup.org/Species.html
  3. Akitagami

    Otter Stereotypes

    What stereotypes are associated with otter characters in the fandom? I was just curious, seeing as there are comparitively few compared to the number of wolves, foxes, and big cats out there.
  4. Akitagami

    Second Life Art Commisson (L$ Only)

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for an artist to do a two-character full color adult commission for me. It would be ideal if you were comfortable drawing horses and huskies, as well as backgrounds (specifically, a beach scene). Also, the payment would need to be in the form on Lindens (Second Life...