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  1. 2oodles

    Polygamy should be legal

    The legality will never pass because in America a marriage is between two people. A farmer can perform intercourse on his horse but that doesn't make it acceptable in everyone else's eyes. But you might say he isn't doing anything wrong. He isn't hurting anyone. No matter how you frame it the...
  2. 2oodles

    Polygamy should be legal

    With that attitude next thing you know it will be in the schools being taught to children. In Netherlands and Sweden, they already have drag queens teaching children to be gender binary. How boring are you that you have to associate your identity with an overtly sexual preference to having...
  3. 2oodles

    Polygamy should be legal

    If you live in a harem household setting...and someone wants a divorce how do you split the estate? Or do they each get their own house?
  4. 2oodles

    Polygamy should be legal

    I'm more of a numbers person. From a logical perspective. I actually had to Google Polygamy. Which apparently is the act of marriage. Yeah polygamy is fine then. I was confused with polyamory.
  5. 2oodles

    Polygamy should be legal

    But having multiple partners is sleeping around...No? You cannot keep track of who they all have as their partners even if you say you do. What if you don't? You are at their mercy of sexual promiscuity. Fear of unknown possibilities. The outcome is unclear.
  6. 2oodles

    Interspecies Relationships and Breeding

    Imagine a weird monkey human hybrid species. I used to think about inseminating a monkey for science.
  7. 2oodles

    Polygamy should be legal

    I get jealous easily. I cannot deal with that personality type that exhibits risky behavior and needs multiple partners. I can have friends and feel I don't need to fuck all of them. STDs are not Pokemon... You don't want to catch em' all!
  8. 2oodles

    Looking for a mate

    No I'm a mortician. It's my job lol don't just latch onto one word and think someone has mental illness. That isn't cool.
  9. 2oodles

    Looking for a mate

    Hi there, I'm a mortician. I don't really get a lot of people interested in me because of my profession. They think I'm some weird crypt keeper. Just looking for someone to have fun with and take my mind off of death.
  10. 2oodles

    OPEN wizarding world rp

    Hello weary traveler's browse my wares!
  11. 2oodles

    How to extend drone battery life?

    Not always sometimes Thorium, Uranium, Lithion-Ion batteries, or solar panels.
  12. 2oodles

    Favorite Vape

    I'd love to make my own. Convert an old cassette player into a vape.
  13. 2oodles

    Worst OS Ever?

    iPhone OS
  14. 2oodles

    How to extend drone battery life?

  15. 2oodles

    Donald Trump

    What is madmad?
  16. 2oodles

    Polygamy should be legal

    Move to Utah and become Mormon if you want polygamy so bad
  17. 2oodles

    Let's post awesome free/indie games!

    Team Fortress 2 Second Life
  18. 2oodles

    Best video game music?

  19. 2oodles

    TF2 Flair Buttons + Animated Sprays

    Hi there! I'm new to FA forums. I recently made some mods and items for TF2 that I have available for sale. I'd love to become a part of something bigger then myself :) Trade me on Steam! APERTURE SCIENCE BUTTONS! Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak...