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    Not sure if this is against the rules?

    Ok, so someone I'm watching has recently started to upload his art, but as a thumbnail, and if watchers want to see the full thing, they need to pay him $5. I don't see anything specific to this about it in what I looked for in the rules, but this seems like something that would be shady enough...
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    Looking for a room for FC '14

    Trying to find a place to sleep for FC this year. I won't be using the room for more than sleeping, showering, keeping my stuff, and maybe to chill out away from the con crowd. Preferably looking for a Wednesday Night - Monday Morning, but I can try to work things out with a Thursday night...
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    Favorites cleaning

    Not sure how this would be done, but it'd be nice if there was a way to clean out favorites of "Submission deleted by user" pictures other than having to go through all of them and find the deleted ones.
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    "Streaming Now" submissions

    I understand that they're a way to get more viewers since they show up on the front page, but can we please put a stop to all them? It's always the same picture that's uploaded, deleted, reuploaded, redeleted, etc. Considering I'm deleting the same image several times, it sorta verges on spam...
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    Looking for Second Life builder that's free/cheap

    I've been wanting to get an AV of my fursona for a while. All I've got is a fat AV, but that doesn't always work right (like when I'm in an area that frowns upon fatfurs or have to do something that requires seeing something where the belly is.) and I'm unable to build one myself. I don't have...
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    Account Problem: User account was hacked

    The user Gillpanda was hacked and had everything removed. Shouts, favorites, watches, everything.
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    Wii Music

    Is it just me, or is this game really addicting? Another thing, do any of you find it entertaining to put a bunch of random instruments together and make a song to just hear how ungodly awful it turns out and laugh at it? Earlier I did cow bell, tambourine, electric bass, steel drums...
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    unheard of/under rated games

    I think there's probably a thread of this already, but it either died or people argued... so let's start it clean. Here's my votes: Odin Sphere Jet Set Radio Future (maybe) Klonoa
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    What are your favorite flash/internet games

    A couple of mine are: Launchball and N Any other good flash games that you can actually burn some decent time on?
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    Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop

    So, who else wants some zombie genocide on Wii? 1up screen shots Kotaku I haven't played the 360, but I've seen videos and looked through my friends guide book when he brought it to school. Mega Man Suit again please =3
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    Anyone play Mabinogi?

    So... yeah, do you play? If you do, leave your name and server, if you want, leave your guild too ^^ Name: Schoch Server: Ruairi Guild: Genocide Pets: Gray wolf, Yorichan