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  1. Kuwamochi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $5 Wind Waker style YCHs

    Hey guys, my partner has put up some cute, super cheap YCHs based off the Wind Waker promo art with a turnaround of two weeks www.furaffinity.net: LoZ: Wind Waker Style YCHs!! (SLOTS OPEN!) by hellgayte They're $5 each but he's offering discounts for bulk buys!
  2. Kuwamochi

    hewwo mr obama

    I'm grosspotoo on FA, but you can call me knights, kite, or bre. i have four sonas, but my main one is an ocicat named Riku. I do a lot of YCHs on site and I'm looking to get a little more involved in the furry community since I want to pick up fursuiting and crafts. :3 i've obviously been on...