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  1. ferretsage

    Info. Request: VigLink -- How Much $$$ Does It Make For FA?

    So FA links have been converted to VigLink affiliate links for a few months now. I was wondering how much money the VigLink service is actually generating for FA. What has been the average return-on-investment on VigLink? Has it been a good value for the website so far?
  2. ferretsage

    Search Results go Boom! Nov. 10th 2011

    All FA submissions between Sept. 13th 2010 and Nov. 9th 2011 are unlisted in Search results. Plz confirm.
  3. ferretsage

    Profile ID Information (MAX Profile ID dimensions?)

    I'm sorry to start a new thread to ask this, but I've used the Forum Search function and Furaffinity Wiki to no avail. What are the maximum image dimensions (pixels by pixels) for a Profile ID picture on the main site (without it resizing)?