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  1. Nargle

    $10 Colored Full Body commissions, Traditional and Digital

    I'm doing colored, full-body commissions of one character for only $10. I'd like to do as many commissions as possible so I currently have unlimited slots available. Examples of traditional work: Examples of digital work: I don't have any examples at the moment but I will do...
  2. Nargle

    Holy Hoofers!

    I'm currently sculpting a set of cloven hooves out of Sculpy for my faun costume that I'm going to wear at the Renaissance Faire this year. I decided to try and make them as realistic as possible and each hoof is two completely separate parts because I wanted to be able to move each half...
  3. Nargle

    Chef Wall-E

    Name: Chef Wall-E Age: 700 Sex: N/A Species: Oven-Robot Height: 2 ft Weight: 150 lbs Appearance: Green and Stainless Steel finish - Hair and fur: N/A - Markings: Black and Green arm stripes, green body, black tires, metalic hands, head. Stainless Steel oven door. - Eye color: Black - Other...
  4. Nargle

    Fursona advice?

    Looking back at my old version of Nargle, I'm beginning to wonder if I should switch back to my Corgi/Barn owl fursona. I'm wondering if a Silken Windhound is too lanky/elegant, and if small and compact would suit me better. I also really like barn owls, and the toasted marshmallow thing was...
  5. Nargle

    Who wants a cool custom ear hat? =3

    I need some monies =C So, I decided I might try selling these cool little ear hats that I make. Anyone interested? They're a very soft fabric (The name eludes me right now o.o) and they'll keep you warm in the winter and fall, but are thin enough that you can wear them on warmer days without...
  6. Nargle

    What if furry accessories became common/popular?

    What if everyone (Not just furries) started wearing what we consider to be furry accessories? Tails, ears, fursuits, collars, etc.? Would you start wearing some sort of furry accessory in public for the first time? Would you upgrade from something small like a collar to something more extreme...
  7. Nargle


    It seems that most fursuit artists involve foam in their projects one way or another. I've got a project in the works and I need to find some foam. I went to look at Joan's Fabrics and Michael's, but all I could find were sheets of foam up to 6 inches thick, sold by the yard at about $70 per...
  8. Nargle

    Nargle the Silken Windhound

    Okay, I think this breed fits me best so far. I kept the same markings as my last character (German Spitz) just changed the breed, but I didn't make a ref anyways, so here it goes! Name: Nargle Age: 2 years (18 in humans years) Sex: Female Species: Dog (Breed: Silken Windhound) Height: 18...
  9. Nargle

    Merry Christmas everybody!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUtPKbMwnRo Enjoy =D
  10. Nargle

    Imma do an art trade

    I wanna do an art trade. For fun. I'll draw you something, but I suppose it won't be too fancy. Just a sketch. But I want someone to draw either my new fursona (I'll add a description laterz) or Basil. Any takers? =D
  11. Nargle

    Ready for Winter!

    Basil's coat came in the mail today! It's absolutely adorable =D I'm so glad I don't have to wade through a sea of crappy, expensive coats that make Basil look like a girl anymore >.< This coat is actually a little masculine. And it was on sale for $1.99 on dog.com!! I thought it was kinda funny...
  12. Nargle

    Pizza toppings

    What kind of pizza toppings do you like? Personally, I'm a fan of different cheeses. Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesian, and Feta are absolutely marvy =3 Maybe even with some aged Gouda. I also like mushrooms and spinach. My boyfriend is a nut and likes Veggie lovers, and sometimes jalapenos...
  13. Nargle

    Need help!

    I hope this isn't against the rules XD Anyways, I'm ordering Basil a new harness because he's learned how to wiggle backwards out of his current harness. This new harness is supposed to prevent him from getting loose. As a bonus, I get to choose a custom fabric!! However, I cannot make up my...
  14. Nargle


    I made a chocolate cake the other day, and I decided to have a slice for a snack. While enjoying my cake, I felt something hard in it. Guess what it was? A PIECE OF BASIL'S KIBBLE. Obviously, something went horribly, horribly wrong in the process of baking this cake XD I have no idea how that...
  15. Nargle


    Lately I've been seriously considering moving to France either directly after college, or a couple of years after college. I've always wanted to, especially ever since my sophomore year French class in high school. I had the coolest French teacher for three years straight, and she made living in...
  16. Nargle

    Drunkest Guy Ever Goes Back For More Beer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZQsA7G0hvQ This made me laugh so damn hard.
  17. Nargle


    I'm bored and I feel like talking about sushi. Do you like sushi? What type? What's your favorite restaurant? Can you make sushi? I've recently discovered that my favorite roll is the Crunchy Philadelphia roll. It's raw salmon, cream cheese, avocado, rolled in rice and wrapped in Nori, then...
  18. Nargle


    Does anyone here care about how their home is decorated? Personally, I really like a sort of eclectic version of rustic/cabiny style interior decorating. Right now my apartment isn't exactly the way I want it, but it does have a few touches that I think make it look sorta cozy =3 I have a...
  19. Nargle

    Happy Birthday!

    Today is Basil's 2nd birthday! Unfortunately we have to postpone the celebrations because I was at school all morning, and my boyfriend was at work all evening =( But anyways! Whenever we do get around to it, probably this weekend, I'm going to bake a meatloaf and give Basil a slice "frosted"...
  20. Nargle

    Most recent movie to move you

    Last quarter of school, I had an awesome writing teacher =3 She's really into foreign films and movies that are sort of "off the beaten path" so-to-speak, and she suggested a whole bunch of different movies to the class. Thoroughly intrigued, I went and rented a couple to watch. The two I saw...