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  1. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    Oo, people are talking about Indian food! I love the stuff. There's a nice Indian restaurant downtown where I live.
  2. MacroNikita

    Elder Scrolls Online? (Furry RP!)

    This is a long-shot... If anyone wants to do an RP set in the ES world as either a Khajiit or Argonian (I thought it wouldn't be inappropriate to ask here as there are two technically furry races in the game) during the second era of Tamriel, the time of the Alliance War in ESO. It would love...
  3. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    I like the color pink. My fursona has been pink almost since I created him.
  4. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    *continues to suffer FA withdrawal*
  5. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    Is there any other way to do frog things?
  6. MacroNikita

    Best movie you’ve ever seen?

    My favorite movies of all time are The original Lord of the Rings trilogy. I got fully lost in their story and fantasy. I do like the newer Hobbit trilogy, but would not put it in the same category as LotR.
  7. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    Porn Hub. You were joking about still "Fappin' happily" xD Out of respect to the forum I'm going to stop on the subject, though...because the boards are PG-13 and I don't want to step out of bounds.
  8. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    Lol, thanks to PH for allowing furry content, eh? ;)
  9. MacroNikita

    Main site is down, but the forums are hummin'

    Well, it's active because the main site is down pretty much. More people (myself somewhat included) will flock back to the main site in waves when it's back. I like the forums enough now that I think I'll be popping in a little more often than before, though. I hope some others do the same.
  10. MacroNikita

    What do you do?

    Unemployed, not seeking employment
  11. MacroNikita

    Main Site So, about FurAffinity...

    Keep up the good work, staff. I believe in you!
  12. MacroNikita

    Word association

  13. MacroNikita

    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    I have a gaming laptop pre-made model from Acer. It's low-end and doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles, but I don't have any trouble playing a variety of games with it. I don't need to post my low-end specs but it's an i5-8300h CPU @2.3ghz (turbo up to 4.0), 8 gb RAM, and a Nvidia...
  14. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    Well that's a bizarre and slightly disturbing thing that I hope to never see again, so I think we're good.
  15. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    No reason. I'm a nice guy...but the old guidelines were really intense. They were from almost 10 years ago and it looks like things have changed for the better in the past decade.
  16. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    The intro thread that used to be stickied said everything short of "We hate you so shut up and leave" as far as I was getting from it...so I really do hope you guys are chill.
  17. MacroNikita

    Thanks for engaging your community for a more appropriate introduction to newcomers. I came back...

    Thanks for engaging your community for a more appropriate introduction to newcomers. I came back after having been scared away.
  18. MacroNikita

    Open Chat

    When I joined the forums in January, I think one thing that drove me off was that...interestingly worded...newcomers guide. It seemed insensitive and even rude, and it was stickied as practically official. I see that the moderators are now working to have a new sticky in the introduction...
  19. MacroNikita

    Main Site So, about FurAffinity...

    I always worry about FA. It has been my home online for the past 14 years. I can't imagine my online social life and what it would be without FA. But I'm getting ready to make sure, when FA comes back, that I have every last item of importance backed up somewhere else. I admittedly have some art...