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  1. anonfoxer

    General Fox Activity

    only half? .0.
  2. anonfoxer

    Rate the rig! :P

    10/10. perfect. unparalleled processing speed and power.
  3. anonfoxer

    General Fox Activity

    ye like that! 'cept sno fop
  4. anonfoxer


    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  5. anonfoxer

    Rate the rig! :P

    I worry more about airflow, which is the only reason I bothered trying to do anything about it. But i have enough fans that its not a problem. And they glow rainbow! So why would i worry about anything? Lol
  6. anonfoxer

    A somewhat new Furry social media!

    Huh...never thought id see furry facebook.
  7. anonfoxer

    Heavy bass furs?

    woot!! not alone!!
  8. anonfoxer

    Heavy bass furs?

    ayyy. heres a song to give the bass of those a test :P
  9. anonfoxer

    The free or cheap plugins/virtual instruments thread.

    has vital been mentioned yet? Vital. Free, with multiple payed versions available. Multiple oscillator wavetable based synth with modulation, wavetable viewing, and FX Rack similar to XFer's Serum, and an oscillator layout similar to Massive. Completely customizable GUI, incredibly powerful...
  10. anonfoxer

    What's the weirdest genre of music that you're into?

    Tearout and Extratone.
  11. anonfoxer

    Rate the rig! :P

    youd give mine a -10/1 then lol
  12. anonfoxer

    Heavy bass furs?

    Bass as an instrument is more just like a bass guitar, or a double bass. Heavy bass is electronic, mostly genres such as Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Tearout, etc.
  13. anonfoxer

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

  14. anonfoxer

    Heavy bass furs?

    Anyone else out there a fan of some of the heavier sides of EDM? (Dubstep, tearout, etc etc)
  15. anonfoxer

    Date Furries (18+)

    Not entirely open to dating, atm (at least not within the fandom), but always happy to talk to new peeps. My age is: 19 My gender is: MtF Girl (she/her) My sexuality is: Most comfortable calling myself a lesbian, still tryin to figure it out and i dont like labels My body type is: Scrawny to...
  16. anonfoxer

    Hello, from my first 'sona!

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  17. anonfoxer

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Thats sweet! <3
  18. anonfoxer

    just want to say hello

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  19. anonfoxer

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Peekaboo is making fun of babies for lacking object permanence.