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  1. Manly-in-Training

    hey, I need a new brand

    heelo peeps so for the last couple of years iv been working on building up this brand around "manly in training" and i think im about to start creating a separate set of accounts for my furry content and leaving my nonfurry stuff in the "MinT" accounts. I really like the manly in training...
  2. Manly-in-Training

    Hey how bout them 80s

    Ok, so I'm thinking of making my own fursuit and I my oc is a popple, a kids cartoon from the 80s and 90s. But i wanted to ask has anyone seen fursuits like this of older cartoons? Like care bears, jelly bears, poppies, or those weird mixed animals of like a bee and a lion? What do you guys...
  3. Manly-in-Training

    Snake reference sheets?

    I'm making a ref sheet for a snake character and I was hoping anyone would have examples of theirs so I could get an idea how to arrange the poses and angles cause it feels weird drawing them in a straight line
  4. Manly-in-Training

    Props for suirters

    I'm working on some patterns of my own and hoping to sell some props online, foods, things, maybe some custom stuffies. My favorite so far is an anatomical shaped bone I made for Halloween. I'm wondering if there might be a market here for that, not a fursuit but accessories. And if anyone has...
  5. Manly-in-Training

    Snake Comic

    thinking of starting a comic about a snake living in a city full of furries. no arms, no legs, not a naga just a normal snake who can talk and post youtube videos. id love to hear any ideas suggestions or questions that I can draw out into comic strips
  6. Manly-in-Training

    new snake oc help

    im working on making a new oc, a snake. no arms or legs, just a real anatomical snakesona. im going to include some daily parts of there life as a snake, like struggling in a world of four legged furries. for example every morning they put in colored contacts to make their eyes look more...
  7. Manly-in-Training

    furry amino?

    I just wanted to ask for everyone's opinion about the furry phone app, its a great place to make a commission for amino coins but it's full of like 12 year olds. do you guys use it? are there better apps? and is there a better way to gain a furry following for my art?