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  1. fickensie

    Quick painted Avatars!

    Here is what you will receive: -A full painted portrait of your character with a simple background. -Big and small version -You will choose expression -You will receive progress shots. -Very quick turnaround! (Within the same day!) -I can work with both TEXT and image references. =D Example...
  2. fickensie

    Digital paintings; full body view and or avatar!

    Wanted to grab some more commissions while I have some free time. Full body feral commission with simple background: $50 USD Avatars: $25 USD Paypal only. Done on Photoshop. Thanks for looking. =^_^=
  3. fickensie

    Semi-Realistc Portraits.

    Good afternoon everyone. If you are interested in commissioning for a semi-realistic portrait, you came to the right place! My examples are below: Detail: How I paint: These portraits are digital and take a little while to complete. (Could take more time depending on detail.) I can...
  4. fickensie

    SALE Reference sheets! Let me draw your commission in UNDER 24 hours!

    Otakon money saved from commissions: (123/300) 3 Full Body, 2 Head-shot commission: $22 USD! Or no head-shots for only $19 USD! I only accept Paypal payments~ I can finish your commission super-fast! I hate waiting for art when I commission people, so I know how the usual...
  5. fickensie

    A picture of yourself with your Fursona! Cheap.

    I've been wanting to bring this type of commission back. ^_^! It would cost $8 USD for me to add a character into a photograph. Some old examples: Molly Cloudy Pixelito Fickensie Paypal only. Thanks for looking, peeps.
  6. fickensie

    $5 for your character as a My Little Pony. ^_^

    Ex: Pony version from this character: For $5 USD I will do the same to your character. If you want, I can even put in a very simple background. I would need to have this filled out. Reference: (Image/text) Pose idea: Expression: Unicorn/Pony/Pegasus/etc.: Anything else you want me to...
  7. fickensie

    Sonic-Style TF commissions available. Good art, good price!

    I'm looking to get better at drawing sonic-style. ^^ And making your OC's into sonic-like characters! $5 - Your character in sonic-style. $13 - Sonic style and normal version of your character. $25 - Four full body view of the Transformation! Example: (USD amount and paypal...
  8. fickensie

    Buy one get one for a friend half-off...~~~!!! Christmas special. One day turnaround!

    Here is my base prices and examples: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/94523-Reference-sheets!-Anime-styled-Great-prices-Need-to-make-money-for-Otakon! This board is about a deal that will end Christmas Eve. For example, the $25 three body two headshot commission is full price for one and...
  9. fickensie

    Want to buy a commission tonight and have it finished for you... tonight? =D

    Hey. Few hour turnaround, I have time to do that! And I have great prices. Tell me what you would like. Here is my link to my prices for reference sheets: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/94523-Reference-sheets!-Anime-styled-Great-prices-Need-to-make-money-for-Otakon! (I love drawing...
  10. fickensie

    Anyone who makes Yarn tails and doesn't mind being paid with art commissions?

    Or partial payment in art? Haha. I need a tail. It has to resemble Yoko Kurama's from Yu Yu Hakusho. It would need long fur and it would need to be a thick tail. =S Example: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/yuyuhakusho/images/3/3a/Youko_Kurama2.jpg Please quote me a price as well as how...
  11. fickensie

    Expression icons. 6 icons for $12!

    I usually charge $4 USD per Icon at least. But, for now, I'm selling 6 different expression icons for $12. The catch is it all has to be the same character. Example of set: Prices: 1 icon for $4 2 icons for $6 3 icons for $8 4 icons for $10 5 icons for $11 6 icons for $12 Paypal...
  12. fickensie

    Halloween commission type. Zombies! nsfw cause of gore.

    Example: Zombie versions of your character. I do Feral and Anthro. ^_^ Paypal only. $10
  13. fickensie

    3 Full Body View Reference Sheets for only $20! Very good art, very fast turnaround!

    Example of what I'm selling: (例題: ) Remba's Character -Front view, Side view, Back view -Full colour -Digital art -Name can be in English and(or)Japanese! Cost: (価: ) $20 Payment: (ペイメント: ) Paypal only! Good for anyone who needs a quick reference sheet. Cheap and good...
  14. fickensie

    HUGE SALE~! Everything goes to my trip to Japan! ありがとうみんなさん!

    All my prices on everything are cut down as low as I can go! $5 Chibi image with no background! Anime-Style Avatars! $4 $6 Baby version of your character! $22 Reference sheet! I accept pay-pal only! Thank you for reading. Message me or post here if you have questions! I only draw General...
  15. fickensie

    $5 Anime Avatar's. Great quality!

    Example: ^_^ Sorry I have no more recent examples. The avatar will just be a head shot. I'll upload a large version like the one above and a small one for you to use. I can draw humans/furries/feral/etc. I accept paypal only. I would need to know: -What character with text/picture...
  16. fickensie

    $5 Chibi Artwork. =^_^= Quick turnaround!

    Need to get some more money before the convention so I'm offering full body, full colour, digital, chibi commissions. Example: Character belongs to Comter. I accept Paypal only. More examples will be posted when I have some.
  17. fickensie

    Cute Baby pictures~ $8 Commission of a baby version of your character!<333333333

    Examples: ^_^ I'll need: -Detailed Text or Image reference of your character. -An idea for a pose/attitude -Diaper/no diaper. (Name any other clothing you want.) I accept Paypal only!
  18. fickensie

    Ebay auction for reference sheet ending soon~

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280689053300&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Check it out! x3
  19. fickensie

    Animated Pokemon Trainer Pixel Commission! ポッケットモンスターレー ナ!

    I'm selling these animated Pokemon Trainer commissions! Similar to the animations the characters on the games have as they send their Pokemon out. Price: $10 $7.50 for now! You choose your Trainer and Pokemon and mention what sort of movement you would like. ^_^ I accept Paypal only. ...
  20. fickensie

    Let me draw your comic! +Auction ending soon! Anime style! アニメ!

    First off, this auction is ending in an hour. Check it out for a cheaper price for 4 comic pages! http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1022602.html To buy a comic from me with full colour and 2-5 panels a page would be $15 per page! Examples of my work/style can be found here...