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  1. Zhalo

    read rule number 1

  2. Zhalo

    change the sentence

    @Simo has broke out in Kigu Transformation fever! SUMMON THE HAPPY PARTY FROG @Guifrog, he will spray the stripped skunko with tickle spurts!
  3. Zhalo

    Furry chat binds

    So I know a good bit of games and other stuff let you have chat binds. I made a bunch of furry related binds that I use, mainly in CSGO. Usually I will use them when people are telling me to burn in hell and such. Especially if I am winning, because furry psychological warfare. anyways so far I...
  4. Zhalo

    Any Knoxville/East TN furries?

    I don't really live that close do Knoxville, but do you know about the east TN Furs group? edit: Though I would be glad to meet you too!
  5. Zhalo

    Survey - Orientation and Species

    Foxes are mostly gold star gay, Wolfs are Bisexuals!
  6. Zhalo

    Beltaine plans

    I have never heard of Beltaine, what is it?
  7. Zhalo

    How to find a dormmate that is a fellow fur?

    Yeah in my experience the about me section is barely considered, unless if it works differently at the college you are going to. The most important thing is to try to get a roommate who cleans up after themself. At least for me I had one roommate who didn't and I wanted to strangle him after a...
  8. Zhalo

    Word association

  9. Zhalo

    Word association

  10. Zhalo

    3 Most Disturbing Movies You've Ever Seen

    1. Perfect Blue - Anime about a popstar who is being stalked. 2. Requiem for a Dream - Movie is about drugs and addiction. Especially disturbing if you can relate to it. 3. Synecdoche, New York - More disturbing in a depressing and existential way. I wouldn't watch this if you suffer with...
  11. Zhalo

    Word association

  12. Zhalo

    Game: bad genies

    Granted, but the cape blows around annoyingly as if it is in heavy wind at all times. I wish I had the ability to run at full speed for as long as I want
  13. Zhalo

    Word association

  14. Zhalo

    Word association

  15. Zhalo

    Word association

  16. Zhalo

    Word association

  17. Zhalo

    Curious Observer Here: What is the Furry Fandom? [CLOSED]

    I have never been to another con besides a repti-con, that is more of an expo thing. I do have a program from the last con I went to though if you want an idea of the kinds of events.
  18. Zhalo

    Curious Observer Here: What is the Furry Fandom? [CLOSED]

    Second part 7) If you have a fursuit, have you ever gone out in public wearing it? How did this make you feel? I have to a LGBT+ pride festival. I was a bit nervous at first, but there was a good sized group of other suiters there so that helps. People loved the suits there. It was a good bit...