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  1. Dragoneer

    Main Site Has there been any progress on name changes at all?

    As Luffy stated, it's towards the top of our list. Honest and long answer: FA's database was written in a very convoluted manner, and we've had to recode a majority of the database. The ability to rename accounts has been completed, and at this point the biggest hurdle is creating the script to...
  2. Dragoneer

    Fur Affinity and Discoverability

    You may find this journal interesting then: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9916063 =3 Additional support fro writing is also in the works. =3
  3. Dragoneer

    Fur Affinity and Discoverability

    Good, 'cause I'm not changing it. =3
  4. Dragoneer

    Fur Affinity and Discoverability

    Beep beep! *drops a dev screenshot* We're working on some improvements to help discoverability. Some will be here sooner than others, others will take time. =3 It's on the list.
  5. Dragoneer

    Main Site Mature tagging for fetish art?

    It's up to the parents to monitor to what their kids are doing online. You can't expect us to censor galleries and filter everything when, say, sites like Twitter, Reddit, and 4Chan exist where literally anybody and everybody post the same content that's easily accessible by anyone. We already...
  6. Dragoneer

    How to see users past journals?

    No worries. It's good to know where users may be having problems like this so I can try to help correct it in the future!
  7. Dragoneer

    How to see users past journals?

    When you're on mobile you'll see an options list under the username for Gallery, Scraps, Favorites, etc. You can swipe that menu bar like an app.
  8. Dragoneer

    Why Trophies and points?

  9. Dragoneer

    Main Site Retract Sent Notes?

    That would be the requirement, yes. If unread, delete. If read, sorry!
  10. Dragoneer

    Main Site Mature tagging for fetish art?

    A fetish is not inherently sexual by definition. Yes, the term fetish CAN be of a sexual nature, but it can also be a term for a fascination or obsession (a TV show, shoes, collectable cards, a book series, etc.) or a sexual obsession. It's used loosely in both cases. Yes, an inflatable furry...
  11. Dragoneer

    Main Furaffinity Site Account Help.

    I'm sorry this thread has been missed. Were you able to get things resolved? If not, feel free to reply to this thread or hit me up at dragoneer@furaffinity.net.
  12. Dragoneer

    Main Site Uploading solutions for dummies? (or at least, new members?)

    For now. =3 We have a better solution coming in the future.
  13. Dragoneer

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    Basically, what happens is you're trying to upload art beyond 1280x1280px, our current site limit, and the site tries to resize files down if it can. The solution is high resolution file support... which is coming. =3
  14. Dragoneer

    Main Site Retract Sent Notes?

    I'll bring this up to the team. Seems like an interesting idea.
  15. Dragoneer

    Main Site Daylight saving time

    The time system on FA needs a revamp. It's relatively low on the position of things that need fixing. We're aware of it, it's just... there's a lot more things that need improving.
  16. Dragoneer


    I definitely understand the frustration, and we're trying to curb this kind of spam with our new rules. In addition, if you see our most recent announcement, there's something of a veiled threat in there: "In addition to these changes going live, we also have new tools to help cut down on...
  17. Dragoneer

    Main Site What is the ratio of FA users who view/use the site on Mobile vs on PC (Desktop/Laptop)?

    Well, there's over a 9,000,000 pages served on a daily basis, so the number is at least more than one.
  18. Dragoneer

    Seriously, how do I upload a story properly?

    I'll also add in that we're actively looking at ways to improve stories and how they work on FA.
  19. Dragoneer

    Still no webm support?

    It's on our list of things to do -- it's just going to take a bit of time to get there.
  20. Dragoneer

    Main Site No response from FA for Advertising E-mails

    I apologize for the issue. After looking into it, it appears your email was accidentally marked as read and went unresponded. Because of the error on my part, I've gone ahead and put up your ad for free.