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  1. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Roleplaying Newgen in need of tips.

    Hey there. I'm a scrub who wants to give roleplaying a try, but I need tips on how to do it properly. Can someone drop some pointers my way. Thanks.
  2. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Pirate101 thread

    Okay, so if you're into combat/strategy video games, there is a game called pirate101 in which you customize and create your own pirate and fight against the evil Armada. It's an RPG with 5 different classes to pick from. They all fit your standard RPG mold. The classes are: Privateer (Paladin...
  3. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Generic Anime Fight Thread #1 Classic Akatsuki vs The Ten Espada

    Generic Anime Fight Thread or GAFT for short, is your generic anime fighting debate thread. If this does well, I might make more if I don't somehow get banned or suspended first. Here are the rules before we begin. 1. Akatsuki can see the Espada. 2. Chakra = Reiatsu 3. Espada cannot fly. 4. The...
  4. pilgrimfromoblivion

    I went to newgrounds and had a go at it. Opinions?

    Backstory: hedgehog the hog person was born in the year 200x. he met sonic when they were kids. then sonic died. then he met amy and did sex on her. then he becamed a ninja hog military sonic fighter through the weapon x progam. Likes: guns death suffering nihilism nine inch nails postal 2...
  5. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Y'all good?

    Looking through the forum for the past weeks and it seems to be a whirlwind of depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and now we've got that wacky virus running around. You can just vent and stuff here so people can hopefully feel a bit better. Here's a gatorade. Those always cheer me up.
  6. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Fursona Creation?

    Title says it all? How the hell does one create a fursona? What's the process for making a 'sona?
  7. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Opinions on gacha life

    Buncha weeaboo 5th graders making poorly made slideshows about incest and rape and then calling it art. They still manage to get millions of views compared to people who make legit good content. They justify it all with If DONT lIKE IT DONT WATCH IT!!11
  8. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Reptilians and avians

    scalefags? scalies? whatever. is there a seperate fandom for people who like reptilian creatures and flying things?
  9. pilgrimfromoblivion

    aight so.

    i trolled some liberal fool epic style (Xir/Xim knows who they are) and i got warned by a mod for it. i just wanted to know how it goes. is it a normal 3 strikes you're out IP ban? i am only asking because i know every forum is different and some forums are very strict.
  10. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Furries and Bronies

    Now i know this kind of question may not be allowed on these forums, but my curiosity is killing me. How do you guys feel about bronies? are bronies considered furries? are most bronies furries? the other way around?
  11. pilgrimfromoblivion

    ayo wsg gamers

    i'm not exactly new here. (ive been here 2 or so weeks) but i did not give a proper introduction. i am 13 and african american. I live in nc.m i like vidja games and forum arguments
  12. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Fursuit Youtuber

    Theres this really decent youtuber i watch who designs fursuits and stuff. here is the link docs.google.com: gotem
  13. pilgrimfromoblivion

    Furry language?

    Any jokes/abbreviatons/sayings, stuff like that?
  14. pilgrimfromoblivion

    So uh...

    After perusing the Encylopedia Dramatica page for Furries and Furaffinity itself, I wanted to see what it was actually see what is like being a furry. I want to see what you guys like about being furries. No i do not want to become one, i just want to see your guys side on what it is like being...