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  1. Foxboy2009

    Just need some people to talk to.

    so uh.. im kinda feeling really down.. sorry for not using caps or what ever but.. i really dont care to. just broke up with my boyfriend.. -sighs- just need to meet some new people and have some chats to distract me for a while.
  2. Foxboy2009

    I need your help finding a site >.<

    Okay there is a site thats for furries i believe... i made an account on it about a year ago if i can remember... well any way. its mainly a site for furries to talk, rp, and yiff on.. when you make an account you can choose from MANY fetishes and what not of what you like and what you dont...
  3. Foxboy2009

    uhh heya!

    im not really new but i havnt been here in some time... like to make friends again. Im jacob Im 16 and gay. i like to listen, wright, and make music. i pay guitar, keyboard, drums, and bass. im a poet and book wrighter. Im friendly and kind ^^ umm if you wanna know more about me why not just...
  4. Foxboy2009

    -sighs- heya

    Hey ppls i'm kinda bored and I'm feeling pretty depressed at the moment... If any one has aim yim or msn u should IM me aim: furrylover2009@yahoo.com yim: furrylover2009@yahoo.com msn: j i n j i n 1 9 @hotmail.com (no spaces)
  5. Foxboy2009

    Something I want

    http://s251.photobucket.com/albums/gg282/j*****19/?action=view&current=Somthingiwant.jpg&newest=1 Something I want but will not attain, Its when your around that I am terrified, Always wondering what you think, When i look into you eyes I only see myself. Something I want but will not earn...
  6. Foxboy2009

    Something I want...

    Something I want By: Jacob Johnson (foxboy2009) Something I want but will not get, Its when your around that i worry, Always wondering what you think of me, When i look into you eyes i only see me. Something I want but will not get, Its breaking my heart as you walk away, Always wanting to be...
  7. Foxboy2009


    im nevery gunna find love.. i have been shot down to many times... it really hurts and most the time its cuz the person relizes they are straight... this sux
  8. Foxboy2009

    Yiff any one?

    XD I'm bored.. Wat should I say to my friend that is scared of people finding out he is a furry?
  9. Foxboy2009

    Comming out..

    why do people think they have to come out as a furry? my brother just did today... it made no sence at all...
  10. Foxboy2009

    Omg stalker...

    Who ever goes to my site in my siq... i can stalk them... XD imma stalk every furry that goes... jk
  11. Foxboy2009

    Do you really care?

    Do you realy care what people IRL think about u? i find it funny that people dont do things that they want to do cuz of worry about what people think about them... oh well... who ever doesnt like u for that can go die in a hole for all I care...
  12. Foxboy2009

    washington state

    any one live around burlington washington?
  13. Foxboy2009

    Does any one else like Fursuit sex?

    im just wondering who does?
  14. Foxboy2009

    this is me

    Name: Jacob Age: 17 Sex: Male Species: Arctic Fox Height: 5`7 Weight: 152 Appearance: - Hair and fur: Green, gray. and white - Markings: none... - Eye color: black - Other features: awsomeness Behavior and Personality: Like to be alone or with friends and sleeping... trolls othere just for the...
  15. Foxboy2009


    liondogworks.com .. you guys should really read this.. a new page comes out every tuseday and thursday. its about Husky and his friends andy and ian and they are all gay. its about there lifes and how every thing goes wrong but some how every thing is slowly coming back together again.