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  1. bomo

    Realistic Animal/Furry/Monster Commissions -- OPEN

    I do pretty much anything - pet portraits, your characters, humans, furries, demons, whatever you're after. I may do NSFW but it'll cost extra and depend on what is done (nudes are generally fine, sexual content depends). Works like the ones above tend to cost between $200 and $300 USD, though...
  2. bomo

    Adoptables for auction/sale + YCH paintings!

    Hi there - I'm looking to start selling adoptables, as I do a lot of character design that I never use for anything and I'd love them to get used. I've got four bird designs here and I'm doing the auction itself on DA. The birds are a pelican lifeguard, a peacock, a lil owl and a white pheasant...
  3. bomo

    Commissions + Adoptables - painted & lineart!

    Hello! I'm Bo, a freelance illustrator who loves sci-fi, horror, monsters and animals. I haven't taken commissions here previously (so let me know if this isn't how things are done here), but I have a solid track record in being fast and friendly and working to a high standard, including working...