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  1. Tassa


    Hello I also have the account from a long time but I dont really use it Nice to meet you! I've been trying to learn Russian but I find the alphabet pretty hard, I also love comic books that comes from Russia
  2. Tassa

    Good artists, small following!

    I'm new on FA and this site is so old build that I really don't understand most of it Also most of my post are nsfw content anyway I have no idea how to build followers I'm also pretty busy with my job and all so I don't spend a lot of time on it either Possible if I would have more...
  3. Tassa

    How did you start?

    I been writing and creating stories since young but because of dyslexia and being from a small country who's language is not international at all... it was an impossible dream to become popular Then I meet this guy that become my boyfriend and I was talking about comic books and he gave me a...
  4. Tassa

    What are you proud of right now?

    I'm proud of my improvement in art, yet I'm also super desapointed by it. It's a wierd mix of feelings and I dont know if its affects me in a good way or not
  5. Tassa

    Not really new but still...

  6. Tassa

    Not really new but still...

  7. Tassa

    show me pics of your fursona!

    Here is my little boy Catilina
  8. Tassa

    Not really new but still...

  9. Tassa

    Not really new but still...

    Hello Im Tassa and my fursona is Catilina I know and made an account here months ago but i dont really know how to use this site... As about me, i love my sona a lot and i love to draw him Im an aspiring artist and i try to learn to draw. I wish to make comics one day as for now i just draw a...