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  1. DevilishlyHandsome49

    You kids and your emoticons!

    I feel old that all this time on the internet, I'm still learning about different emoticons that are out there I just learned this year that :V means sarcasm. :3 means kitty cat, cute. :p is also sarcasm, cheekiness. I still get confused by ;w; and other emoticons with a "W" or whatever...
  2. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Black Ops 3 Beta (Opinion)

    Playing that beta really cemented why I didn't play COD anymore after Black Ops 2. It was free to download on PS4 so I decided I'd try it out. At first, it reminded me a lot of Advanced Warfare and although I never played that one, just the design and look of BO3 looked way to similar to AW...
  3. DevilishlyHandsome49

    The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpGXY5hLR7k Last shitpost thread of mine
  4. DevilishlyHandsome49

    What's your definition of a creep?

    (No, this isn't a shitpost thread) So I remember listening to a podcast a while back and the two hosts brought up how the word "Creep" is tossed around so carelessly in today's society. Before, creeps would be people that truly had a disturbing trait about them, that made others feel...
  5. DevilishlyHandsome49

    The "I'm Sleepy" Thread

    This is the thread where you post things that are on your mind when you feel you'll be passing out at any moment. Make small convos with peoples, that...sorta...thi- zzzzzzzzz
  6. DevilishlyHandsome49

    DevilishlyHandsome49's clone

    Thats right, i am a clone of devilishlyhandsome49...
  7. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Um...whats going on?

    I've been offline all day and check back to see all these strange threads, kalmor got banned...can someone give me a condensed version of what happened?
  8. DevilishlyHandsome49

    When your journal entry doesn't get comments...

    Why won't anyone comment? Don't you just feel like you're talking to yourself...going insane! :V
  9. DevilishlyHandsome49

    The Moment of Truth

    Anyone remember this game show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=salFV5YKb0w
  10. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Ever been afraid of sleeping?

    I don't know why, but lately I just feel anxious before I go to sleep, worried. Some of the dreams I've been having haven't been scary, but are very realistic. I have no control over what happens to me, so its not a lucid dream. They just border on my actual life so much that I'm afraid one day...
  11. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Commenting on Commissions

    So a little thing I probably think too much into and where to comment/fav for commissioned artwork. Should I comment and fave on the original artist who has it on their profile or do I comment and fav on the requester of the artwork, who re-posted on their profile? Or do I do it on both? How do...
  12. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Best places to branch out?

    I realize I can't just keep my writings on FA if I want them to get more attention so I wanted to know about the best places to branch out. A site that has a good community and operates well. For the furry related sites, I thought of SoFurry and maybe Weasyl. I've heard way too many shady things...
  13. DevilishlyHandsome49

    If they only knew...

    I realize there's a lot of things about me that my family doesn't really know about and because of that, there are some things that they say to me or about me with others, that I can't help but get a smug grin afterwards. My mom wonders when I'll get a girlfriend - Its not just girls I'm...
  14. DevilishlyHandsome49

    That moment when you're the only one viewing a thread

    Anyone else feel oddly awkward when this happens? Like its not that big of a deal, but you still feel strange about it?
  15. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Lego Video Game Ideas

    Seeinv as how Lego is making a video game of a popular franchise every year, I thought itd be fun to come up with some other franchises that could be turned into a lego. Come up with at least 10 playable character for what might be a huge roster. Lego Mad Max, the trilogy and fury road: Max...
  16. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Does your voice match your race?

    Growing up on a street where there were a lot of ghetto black kids, they all had that the same tone of voice that you'd expect from an average black kid. I never really sounded like them. I sounded "white". Never used slang, pronounced my words correctly, etc. When I was 12, I told my mom how...
  17. DevilishlyHandsome49

    4chan Argument Simulator

  18. DevilishlyHandsome49

    Sexy Gorilla ;)

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/69864920/sexy-gorilla-a-hit-with-the-ladies Isn't he the sexiest gorilla you've ever feasted your eyes on?
  19. DevilishlyHandsome49

    The little details...

    While I love a game that manages to look graphical impressive and plays great on an overall scale, I also love the little details they put in that they didn't even have to put in, in the first place. For example: I love FPS's where I can see my characters feet. Makes it feel like I'm not just...
  20. DevilishlyHandsome49

    How many people are on FA?

    I know its a shit ton of people but it still kinda baffles me how something you upload can barely stay on the front page for a minute before its shadowed by all the other artwork. Same goes for DA as well. Just really makes me wonder how many people are on these sites at once