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  1. Cinnamon_Cat

    (FxA)(Weight Gain) Fatten up a kitty~

    Hello! My name is Cinnamon and I'm looking for a roleplay partner for an FxA kink focused roleplay. My character depends on my partner's preferences, and I will play as a neko, anthro or feral depending on their tastes. The kinks I would like to include are weight gain (up to immobility/blob...
  2. Cinnamon_Cat

    [F4A](21) Fatten up a kitty~

    Hello FA forums, If the title caught your interest, then I should start off by saying my kinks are weight gain, slob, stuffing and force feeding, petplay, soft vore (optionally) humiliation, and rough play. I would be playing a female house cat, either human with the ears and tail, anthro, or...