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  1. Delightful

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Cheap digital commissions open! getting back into digital art :) [sfw / nsfw]

    Hello! I'm just starting commissions, so open to drawing lots of new cool things :D FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/delightfuldraws/ 5 slots open, message me here, on FA, or on discord at Ruby#6466 to commission. Notes about my commissions: -Works should take around one week or less...
  2. Delightful

    Free Art: Looking for practice

    Hi im looking for practice willing to draw first three people who post ^-^ it might not be good but ill do what i can as I need a bit more practice in digital art still all I need is a refrence and pose :)
  3. Delightful

    New to furry art could y'all give critiques?

    Hi, as the title says im new and would love if yall gave suggesions on what i can do to improve my art :) I tried drawing different styles here are some examples (they all 30 min sketches on my ipad for refrence): <-(this one I hevily used a few other artists eyes shape so i wouldnt say...